Friday, February 11, 2011

Keep on Letting Go!

Recently I have been seeing the point of letting go and not taking things personally - to not accept anything that is of mind and limitation, and to push myself to participate within the world and not allow self to stagnate within and as thoughts, feelings, emotions, pictures, etc., and realizing that i am NOT my perceived limitations/fears.

As points come up, I see that it is effective to simply get to the practical correction - which in some instances is as simple as becoming aware of a certain point, taking note and flagging it, and then relaxing and letting it go. Other times it requires writing/self forgiveness, and sometimes it requires specific direction - but in all cases it is NOT necessary to judge myself to try to figure out 'why' i have such points - simply realize that the point is not who i am in fact, and that it is simply a patterned play-out based on what i have accepted and allowed within self. there is no need to explain myself to come up with a good reason for 'why' such a point exists within me, as that would only serve to feed the mind with more energy - more thoughts and opinions and knowledge/information that is not actually pertinent or relevant to what is here in the moment. The correction is simply HERE, in this moment.

This is not to say that self-investigation and getting to the actual root of these system play-outs should be avoided - it all comes down to starting-point. If one is attempting to 'figure out' what is the 'right' thing to do, or trying to get to some 'solution' from within the mind, or trying to 'diagnose' self from a starting point of separation/reaction, it is simply going to feed the mind further and compound the point. Yet one is able to, when stable and not in a point of reaction/energy, investigate the point and apply the necessary self-forgiveness and self-corrective-application.

What i have been noticing is that as i continue to push myself within the application of 'letting go' and pushing myself to 'drop it' whenever a reaction/emotion comes up within me, the points become less of a problem and i am able to move through them with much greater ease than before, where i would immediately try to 'figure it out' from within and as the mind - forgetting the simplicity of what is HERE.

So i continue this application of not taking anything personally, and living the realization that i am NOT my limitations/fears/anxieties and any reaction from other people are their own reactions and has nothing to actually do with me personally - which is cool because within this realization i stop manipulating myself and accepting the opinions/reactions of others and stick to self-honesty.

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