Saturday, May 21, 2011

Atheists - Your time to shine??

Why do atheists seldom become world leaders?

We live in a world that is dominated primarily by fear and distrust. In such an environment, we seek protection and salvation – we seek answers to why the world is the way it is. We seek some justification for all of the suffering that is apparent before us. We seek some sense of justice in a world that is exploitative and cruel. Thus many turn to religion – to “God” - in whatever form that “God” may take, so long as this belief allows a person to continue justifying and excusing what is going on in the world – so long as this “God” takes care of everything so that we do not have to.

Have a look at the very design of “world leaders” and political figures in general. The whole idea is the same principle behind “God” - making somebody else responsible for our problems and blaming them when things are not going well.

In the actual world we live in, politicians are put into office not because they are the correct candidate for the task of representing what is best for all, but because people do not want to take responsibility for themselves, and are often voted into such positions by those with a compatible belief in God, whom they have also made responsible for sorting things out so that we do not have to, and dole out punishment to people who 'break the rules'.

We see the kind of world that is created where those we place into the offices of greatest responsibility are often those who believe in “God” or have a strong affiliation to a religious organization. Instead of our leaders and trusted representatives seeing this world for what it is and thus able to deal with practical and effective solutions, we have people with a belief that ultimately there is a “plan” to things and that “God” will sort everything out – as well as toss out the troublemakers and confine them to eternal damnation. This leads to very dangerous territory – as the official has already made a prior arrangement with “God” and when it gets to be his turn, he is guaranteed access to “heaven” and therefore does not have an actual stake or interest in what is going on HERE on earth, so long as the politician plays 'by the rules' – whether it is the rules of law or the rules of God, the politician is “covered” and does not have to actually answer to the ONLY RULE that is relevant to this reality - “WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL”

Atheists – it is time to stand up and let go of the debate over God. The world is facing major problems that do not require belief – simply have a look around and it is clear for anyone to see – that things are NOT working – and that there will NOT be some magical event where suddenly all of mankind is redeemed. Instead of spending energy and time on trying to prove something that is already clearly evident, why not take the next step and DO SOMETHING about this world, within the realization that there is no god and it is up to us in each moment to decide what we will accept or allow?

Will we continue to allow those with delusional beliefs that do not actually take this physical reality into consideration - that lead to self-interest be the same people who represent us – whom we trust to take care of us? Will we continue to allow a world where suffering is justified? 

There are two solid solutions that I see to the issue of politics in general as well as the issue of people still holding on to the falsehood of religion and the concept of "God" in separation from what is HERE.  The first is the Equal Money system - in which the starting point of politics would no longer be chained by private sect tor profits and manipulation. Within such a system there would be actual accountability  and visibility because there would not be any fraud. The other solution is the Desteni I Process which explains in detail the design of the current human as well as gives deep and detailed feedback on how to assist ourselves and how to actually LIVE and stop existing within limitation so that we can stand up and make a real change.

Atheists – it is time to put your ability to see things for what they are to a greater purpose than debating people who are afraid of the dark. I dare you to investigate the Equal Money System and the Desteni I Process and I dare you to stand up and make a difference in a REAL way – and once and for all remove the idea from humanity requires some “God” before we simply do what is here and what is for all - within this, bringing Heaven HERE.

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