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About me and Desteni

About Me and How I found Desteni

I found desteni while searching for videos on the origins of humanity. At the time I was very into spirituality and conspiracy theories. I was convinced that I had a "special purpose" and that it was my task on earth to be part of 'change' and raising the 'consciousness level' of the planet lol.

I was just getting into exopolitics - the study of key individuals in terms of extra-terrestrials (aliens) influencing the development of humans - and was coming off of Michael Tsarion's research when I found a video from the History of Man series. I forget now which video I saw first - but after watching the first I was drawn to watch the rest of the series. From there, I realized that there was something about this 'portal' and the information that was coming through - the pieces started to 'click' together and I began to watch the portal videos that had to to with other subjects.

My first impression was skepticism and doubt. I had a lot of knowledge and information that i was holding on to. I believed that there was a 'plan' to this world - that all things MUST happen for a reason that somehow made sense - i wanted to believe everyone creates their own reality and thus all of the suffering in this world is just a matter of people not accepting themselves and were a result of 'negative energy'. i wanted to believe that i was able to transcend and become greater than myself - to become some master being and no longer have to exist 'here'. I had read the books in the "Conversations with God" series, the "Seth" books of Jane Roberts, and other spirituality/new age/new thought materials. I was also pretending to practice "Law of Attraction" to attract wealth and sex and fame into my life - i say "pretending" because it was clear from the beginning that none of it was in fact REAL. My life was not actually changing in any way and the only difference was how I decided to "feel" about my life and what I decided to believe in so that I could justify and reason and explain away all of the things I hated about myself and my life which I did not want to take self-responsibility for.

As I watched more of the videos and participated on the forums, I realized that EVERYTHING that i had believed in - everything that i ever trusted - everything that i ever thought was real - even the 'person' that i thought i was - was not REAL - was completely pre-programmed. It took me some time to settle into this realization. I had wanted to hold on to my specialness - i wanted to hold on to the beliefs and all of the convenient ways in which human beings justify this existence - because within such justifications we are able to hide and suppress our fears, anxieties, anger, and separation. But the more I participated - the more saw others participating and pushing themselves to let go of all of the things I was afraid to let go of - I came around as well.

For me, desteni and the message that it represents and stands as is the answer to a world that has been crying out a REAL solution. What I have come to see and realize is that nothing in this world can be trusted - and that we must take responsibility for that which we have accepted and allowed within ourselves - to actually stop and clear ourselves of our own delusions and dishonesty - and the more we support ourselves to let go of that which is NOT REAL - the more directly we see the world for what it is - and the clearer the actual solution becomes. I have since stopped walking the blind path of enlightenment and spirituality as well as chasing conspiracy theories or trying to 'expose' the coverups of this world - because I have realized that the actual solution is within each and every one of us - and what is required is for people to stand up - to will ourselves to change - to have the courage to LIVE self-honesty as an example. That is the process that I walk now - taking responsibility for what I have created within my ignorance - and willing myself to stop living as my mind - as my past - as my fears - as my dishonesty. This is a process - I will not become self-realized overnight - but each day that I face myself - each day that i say "NO", each time I get back up when I fall - I am more certain than before that I will walk this until the end.

Why I stand for an Equal Money System

The Equal Money System is a solution that comes from realizing within self-honesty that this world - as it currently exists - is governed entirely by MONEY. Due to our own fears and anxieties and the design of us as mind-consciousness systems playing our our pre-programmed roles for centuries - we have created a world of separation and abuse - where a handful of elite are lords and the masses are slaves. Within realizing that we are all one and equal - it becomes clear that this system of lords and slaves is unacceptable and that this abuse must stop. The current world is ruled by those with money - and money is given the power and authority to determine who lives, who dies, and what kind of life a person will be able to have - not based on who that person is, but based solely on his positioning within the economic scale of the world - which then dictates what this person has access to and what kinds of challenges this person will have to face while others who were born into more fortunate placements will be given and guaranteed a much higher quality of life and opportunity for expression and enjoyment.

The Equal Money System is the direct and clear answer and solution to a world in which people have stopped regarding each other as EQUALS - a world that has accepted centuries of separation and abuse - a world that has accepted exploitation and usury - a world that has condoned suffering and slavery. The Equal Money System directly takes on the problem of separation by insisting that ALL LIFE is deserving of DIGNITY and HONOR - that all beings in this world are to be given equal opportunity for expression without fear - without having to compete for that which is necessary for living.

Thus I stand for an Equal Money System - to forever STOP the separation and the abuse that has been allowed in the name of separation, fear, and the need to compete and abuse in order to survive at the expense of others who are equally deserving of life and dignity

What "Heaven on Earth" means to me

"Heaven on Earth" is the ACTUAL LIVING of what we each already 'understand' at some level - which is the principle that we are all One and Equal. Within the actual practical living of this realization we will have a world that will no longer tolerate any abuse or suffering - where the life expression of all beings are regarded as equally valuable - equally precious. We will have a world in which self-expression will be truly unconditional within consideration of what is best for all - where our expression as life will no longer in any way harm or cause abuse to another because we realize that we are all one - thus any harm or abuse allowed to another is allowed to self - and vice versa.

"Heaven on Earth" is the world that is possible through an Equal Money System - where we stop the abuse, suffering, inequality, and exploitation of billions of beings on this planet - which includes the animals and plants that exist here - where we will walk and look upon each other and see only ourselves - one and equal. that is the world that i want to live in - thus i walk until this is done.

Some of my favorite inspiring/influencial desteni vids-

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