Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am the walking manifestation of my unconscious thoughts

who and what i have come to define myself as within and without is what becomes my physical expression.

i have defined myself as fear and regret for a very long time now... this has been my experience of myself and this has been my self designed definition both in terms of my inner "private" experience and my outer "externalized" expression, and thus, has become my manifested physical truth. it has become what i experience myself as in the truth of physical expression.

indeed, i am become fear and regret.

why then is this attributed to my unconscious thoughts? my current understanding is that it breaks down as follows-

THOUGHTS as internal "private" experiences- Represent fractions of the truth of myself as it exists within the space of the Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Unconscious mind. Each "thought" is a refraction of an aspect of myself from which i have become separated from.

CONSCIOUS MIND- Roughly 5 percent of total thought activity, mostly used on functions and execution of physical tasks given the current context of experience.

SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND- Place where thoughts, self definitions, the truth of self, judgments, etc are "stored".

UNCONSCIOUS MIND- From which the majority of "thoughts" arise as a separated part of self. The truth of myself in terms of what i have accepted and allowed myself to become exists here, and from this wellspring comes thoughts as representations of this "inner" self.

how then to stop? to stop is simply to STOP.

no more do i define myself as fear and regret, and no more shall that become my accepted and allowed physical expression.

no more do i define myself through the inaction and justification of fear and regret, and no more shall i allow inaction and fearful excuses to be my physical expression.

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