Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's not money, it's ME

Money is not the root of the evil... it is only the tool.

Money is innocent. Is a form of exchange. It is indeed a currency... a current that must be allowed to flow freely and without unnecessary obstruction so that it does not become choked off or deviated from it's course.

It is necessary for this natural flow of currency to be freely accessible by all, for all. We require this vital and life supporting stream in the same manner that we require the flow of blood within our own bodies.

It not not the intrinsic existence of a money system that allows for the atrocities done by and through money. It is the hands that the money is handled by. It is the obstructions placed against the fair and free flow of currency that renders us into categories of wealth and austerity.

Money itself cannot be blamed for usury and abuse any more than a pen can be blamed for grammatical errors or the misspelling of words.

We are inclined to place blame upon social paradigms and systems that exist as an outflow of who we are, instead of placing the scrutiny properly upon ourselves and our responsibility to self correct our misplaced acceptances.

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