Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WORDS and the Power of Self Creation

At the moment I am investigating the point of words and how words are the actual 'programming language' that we use to script ourselves as the information that we are existing as. At the moment the human is a programmed biological robot that functions on information as words – which we use to define ourselves by and create the inner landscape of our minds with – and it is these words and the networks of information and pictures associated with these words that become our actual reality through our acceptance and allowance and participation with the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and pictures we attach to the words that are used as the 'language of self'.

We can see this illustrated in the very first verse in the gospel of John from the “holy” bible -

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

My understanding of this is that WORDS are the prime 'building block' of creation – they are the symbols used within the language of universal programming – meaning words are not just letters put together and then given a definition and sound to in order for people to communicate – because 'words' exist within us as thoughts – as the actual spark from which creation flows – so in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God... and still is – because words create who we are and shape our reality.

When one is not aware of the words that we are using and what contexts we have associated to these words, we are in essence allowing ourselves to be directed by entire scripts of information that have been accumulated through the years of our conditioning by family, society, media, culture, and the very nature of the mind consciousness systems that exist within and as us – and these networks of pictures and meanings and definitions as well as memories and experiences that are attached to the words of our vocabulary – the words that we use within ourselves when we 'think' and make decisions or come to realizations or conclusions – determine the outflows and specificity of the 'script' we are living as Living Words. Thus the definitions we are accepting and holding on to when it comes to the words that we program ourselves by and 'think' with determine the quality and nature of what we end up executing as our 'program' or 'script'.

In having a look at how we treat words and how we are taught words from childhood we see that we are not actually shown practical applications for words or for implementing effective definitions that are able to be lived in a way that supports us within our lives to make better decisions – rather we color the words we learn with unnecessary and cumbersome definitions often loaded with emotional, experiential, ethical/moral, or opinion based information that is not actually effective when it comes to how we live these words and how we use these words within our self-creation.

For example we can look at the word “honor”. One is able to go to a dictionary and look up the word “honor” for the literal definition of the word – but we are not taught that definition – most of us did not learn the word “honor” based on a practical and consistently applicable definition – rather we see things being described as “honorable” or we are taught to associate a certain feeling or emotional response as the sense of “honor” - and so we attach our own 'meanings' and our own definitions to this word and everybody has developed their own set of pictures, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and experiences in relation to this word “honor” - which is why when we ask several people to specifically define 'honor' they do not give a clear and consistent definition like we see in the dictionary – rather they will share what they have attributed 'honor' with and will perhaps 'describe' honor through those pictures and beliefs in order to communicate to you their definition of the word as how they live that word as themselves and the information they are currently existing as.

Thus it is important that we develop effectiveness and awareness within the words that we use and the definitions we give them because they are the words that we live, and the words that we live – the words that we accept as ourselves – are the building block of not only our own lives but of this very existence – because we are all, in a collective fashion, scripting this entire experience and if we are accepting and allowing definitions of words within us that do not support life or have been loaded with pictures and beliefs that lead one towards behaviors and patterns of destructiveness, abuse, or diminishment, then such events become part of the lived reality within this world.

For example, I am here looking at the word “mistake” and how within my life I have associated and attached so many ideas and definitions to the word that now by simply thinking the word 'mistake', automatically the network of associations and attachments come up

What is a mistake?

Firstly when I have a look at the word itself I must trace it back to the original points of attachment that I have associated to this word, because it is these associations and definitions that come up and become part of my actual experience of myself whenever I 'make a mistake' within my life – and based on how I have defined the word mistake and what pictures, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and memories I have associated to this word “mistake”, I will accordingly experience myself as well as make further decisions or go into specific reactions to this experience of 'mistake'.

For much of my life I have carried a negative and diminishing kind of definition to the word 'mistake' , such as -

  1. Memories of being punished as a child when I did something 'bad'
  2. Judging others for making 'mistakes'
  3. Fearing to make mistakes because I do not want others to judge me the way I judge others
  4. Believing that others see me as my mistakes and judge me for them
  5. Believing that mistakes are “wrong” and not acceptable and are to be ashamed of
  6. Believing that I am going to have to face punishment for my mistakes
  7. Memories of believing self to be a 'bad person' or that something is wrong with me if I make a 'mistake'.

So here already one can see the many layers and experiences that can be attached and associated to a word, and when that word 'activates' within one's reality the entire 'network' of associations also come up within one's experience of self.

Lately I had the experience of being in a point of constant self diminishment and a sense of 'heaviness' within me that seemed to persist no matter what – and I saw that I was carrying within myself judgments and emotions and memories that were 'anchored' to the word “mistake” and “failure” - which have been words that I have heavily associated to negative experiences within and as myself as the definition of those words, as how I was living those words – which manifested within my world the experiences of heaviness, self defeat, wanting to give up, and memories within my life tied to emotional experiences of anger, frustration, and depression.

So to support myself I applied the tools within the Desteni I Process where we take the words we are currently living and applying specific self forgiveness and self corrective applications along with giving the words a 'new definition' that is no longer charged with polarity and judgments but rather become practical, common sense, and supportive words as part of the language of our programming – and in doing so I am already noticing an effect in terms of me effectively stopping the pattern of self judgment and self defeat where before I may have lingered for a long time within the experiences tied to the words “mistake” and “failure” and wallowed within those definitions as myself instead of getting to the point of effective self support and self correction and installing a 'new program' instead of running the same old pattern that has proven itself to be ineffective, unsupportive, and loaded with self diminishment, which leads to the experience and result of self diminishment instead of self correction and expansion.

So I definitely suggest that one investigate the words that one is living and to effectively support self within purifying the living words that we exist as, and as we do this we change ourselves as well as change the definitions we are accepting and allowing within our world and our reality – because as mentioned before we learn these words and take on these definitions often through the examples and acceptances of others which we then take on for ourselves – so we as stand and purify the words that we live and live that new definition, we offer that same redefinition and self-expansion to others as ourselves – and together we are able to re-write the script of this reality into one that supports all.

Desteni Artwork by Damian Ledesma

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