Friday, January 21, 2011

Why an Equal Money System? Every reason possible

MONEY – In sickness and in health, till death do us part.

In the world that I live in now there is NO escaping money. Even if I were to sell or give away all of my possessions and walk away from the entire matrix system of money and go off the grid, I am STILL subject to money because it is money that determines the quality of my entire environment. It is MONEY that will determine whether the off-grid location I will set up home at will have been damaged by pollution or whether attempts have been made to ensure that the area is able to support life. It is MONEY that will determine whether or not somebody may come along and simply buy out the land from underneath my feet because I do not own title or claim to the area. It is MONEY that will determine if the soil will be arable or whether it had been exposed to chemicals or simply has been rendered infertile through erosion of topsoil. It is MONEY that determines whether there is wildlife around me to hunt and feed from or whether the area had been rezoned for industrial or urban development. Thus my going 'off-grid' would not be an act of freedom – it would simply remain another form of enslavement to a system which has the ability to determine the quality of my life even if I walk away from it.

Every single facet of my life has been determined by money since before I was born. My mother would have required the money to get the care necessary to give birth to me. The staff at the hospital would have required money in order to have sustained themselves in this world enough to be able to get an education and become workers in the medical field. The medical industrial complex would have needed money to continue being able to pay those who work in hospitals and in research/development. The hospital itself would have needed access to funds in order to maintain facilities and staff, and all of this is just for me to be able to be delivered out of my mother's womb and into the hands of a doctor- let alone my actual experience of being alive upon my emergence into this world.

Had I been born to a family that had a lot of money, my life would be drastically different. This is true for every single human that is born on this planet. If one is born into a situation in which money is not in adequate supply, the quality of life for that child becomes greatly hindered by the availability of funds for that child's caretakers. And should no caretakers be around or should the money run out, the child's life expectancy drops dramatically.

Many have rightly surmised that money is the root of all evil – but fail to see the human hands that had engineered money to be what it is. Many have not seen that it is not money itself that is evil, but what we have collectively allowed to happen through money – having made money a commodity greater than life itself.

For myself, I see that EVERY single thought within me is influenced by money and my relationship to it in this world. EVERY desire I have, is linked to money. EVERY opinion I have about the world, is influenced by money. I have created myself to be personalities and fake faces in order to secure ways to get money and ways to remain acceptable within the matrix in order to support myself to be able to survive – yet within this survival I am not in any way ALIVE or self-directed. I am simply surviving and existing within enslavement. And this is true for all humans whether they are impoverished and living in squalor in the third-world (which in itself is absurd considering that we are at a stage of development where poverty is able to be wiped out and the same is true for aids and starvation) or whether they are living in luxury in an elite family. All humans are currently under complete hypnotic control and fear around the point of money.

Each time I want to do something, the first thought in my mind is 'can I afford it' – because if I spend too much money on something then I run the risk of not having enough money to buy survival. So there is a constant choice that must be made of whether I will buy survival or whether I will buy self-expression or entertainment. And it isn't just me. It is all human participants. We work jobs in order to get money, to buy things that we are trained and programmed to enjoy by those who require us to give them our money so that in turn they can survive and be able to buy goods of their own and while all of this is going on there is a class of people benefiting from all of the transactions while contributing nothing of actual value.

I cannot say with certainty what I would be doing if money were no longer an issue of survival. I have no idea what my self-expression would be in this world if I did not have to compete with others, do things I did not want to do in order to survive, and living in constant fear of death because the current system allows those without money to die.

In my life I have compromised myself, lied, cheated, stolen, manipulated, and exploited others all within the constant need for money not for my entertainment, but for my continued existence on this planet. It has become REQUIRED that humans cheat and deceive in order to exist – and this is NOT human nature. Yes there are aspects that are pre-programmed but this is NOT who we are and is NOT our 'natural' state. We have accepted and allowed ourselves to remain within this initial programming out of constant fear of death and having living in competition, scarcity, war, distrust, and dishonesty for centuries, but even so, we are able to change.

If I had been raised in a world in which the Equal Money System were in place – there would not be any fear within me of 'not being good enough'. There would be no sense in competing to 'better' another. The incentive would be the betterment of ALL. There would be no reason to deny anyone anything, because all are equally supported to be here and all are equally deserving of honor and dignity within their expression. There would be no crimes committed out of desperation. There would be no 'laziness' within people who had become fed up with a system that continually shuts them out and disregards them if they are not able to be exploited for their labor. I would live in a world where innovation and improvement would not be done for profit, but for the expansion of humanity and the improvement of the actual quality of life for all. I would be able to express myself, expand myself, explore myself along with all fellow humans and live in a world were there is no more fear or uncertainty.

Yet the EMS is not here yet. And those of us who see what it can bring, see it's full potential, and see that it is currently the only practical and effective way to sort out the problem of human existence on this planet to do whatever it takes within this lifetime to ensure that such a system is in place for all future generations – to be able to exist in real support and dignity.

I see clearly that there can be no other way to restore real value and meaning to life. I see clearly that any other economic solution would simply be putting a bandage over something that is terminally ill and must consume life in order to sustain itself.

Any talk of a resource based economy that does not take into consideration how deeply entrenched money is to the condition of the human is operating from a point of blindness and delusion. Any solution that does not address the fundamental problem of insurmountable debt, inequality, and the basic requirements that must be met in order for any human being to be able to live a dignified life are by design doomed to fail as we are seeing with the current systems of the world.

One day money WILL become irrelevant and we WILL be able to co-exist without needing to use money. But unless we establish and correct humanity's relationship to LIFE, and ensure that all beings have an opportunity to live within dignity and honor, we will need a money system based on equality as a transition step. We require a money system that supports ALL and is NOT tied to debt or profit.

An equal money system is the inevitable 'impossibility'. Many have not yet seen or truly understood how vital it is to have an equal money system in place within our lifetimes – they do not see that EVERYTHING hinges currently on an equal money system being established. There is not a single problem in the world today whether it is environmental damage, social decline/unrest, medical pandemics, geopolitical wars, or problems within human relationships with each other – that can be fixed or corrected in any meaningful or lasting way UNLESS we have established an equal money system.

And to do that we must BE the equal money system. We must prove by standing up within ourselves and sorting out all of the mess that we have accepted ourselves to exist as. We must begin with letting go of and taking responsibility for all that we have done to ourselves and to each other. We must forgive ourselves and forever STOP the pattern of abuse that we have participated in for centuries of time.

Yes, we will have to change human nature – by changing the nature of ourselves.

I stand within and as the commitment to ensure that equality is here in fact within my lifetime. I begin with purifying myself.

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