Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fucked by Sex


Desire for sex... it's a crazy thing. It is programmed within us. It can drive us to do things if we allow it to.

What creates rape and sexual abuse in this world? Desire for sex... the very SAME desire that I have within me.

What separates me from the rapist and the raped? To be honest... there is no such separation because I am both.

In the wanting of sexual pleasure with another person... I am in effect stating that I lack something and that I must have this in order to be complete again, and without it I will surely suffer in the wanting.

This very statement is acted out in my reality... in my daily live, and often without my full awareness.

It is in the way I find myself looking at women... looking at their bodies, and the pictures that come to my mind... the fantasies I entertain within, in the total secrecy of my intimate thoughts.

It is in the way I objectify women in terms of my sexual attraction to them. Judging them by their looks alone and reserving my attention to those I judge to be attractive.

It is in the way I conduct myself... in a manner designed to be acceptable to the women I have privately judged to be better than others because of their physical looks, which come directly from my desire for sex. While on the other hand I ignore these mannerisms for women who do not "make the cut".

All of this simply contributes to the solidity and control of the sexual desire which really just enslaves me further as a "Joe Kou" program.

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