Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is not the body of my design.

This is not the body of my design.

Up until roughly August of 2008, this physical human body was mostly occupied by an automated system that I call "Joe Kou".

No, I was not implanted with a brain control device out of some kind of science fiction movie. But... it's kind of close to that.

Your human body is the outward reflection of who and what you are within. It is the outpicturing of your inner reality and of your idealized core of "self" as you understand it.

My human body is the perfect manifestation of what exists within and as the mind of Joe Kou. And up until fairly recently, I had lived my entire life in this body as Joe Kou, thinking and believing that who I am is but my experiences within my mind which included thoughts, ideas, pictures, beliefs, emotions, and opinions.

For 26 years now, my physical human body has been developing and manifesting in accord to who and what I accepted and allowed myself to be within the context of being "Joe Kou". And now, as I am more and more noticing the truth of myself and experiencing myself HERE, I am realizing that this physical human body has rarely been moved by ME.

For 26 years, this human physical body obeyed, responded to, manifested with, and supported me as a mind construct. It has perfectly manifested itself in relation to all that I had allowed myself to be up to that point.

I see now the blemishes on my body... each specific in it's placement and significance... each representing a blemish which I had accepted and allowed within the core of me, which I kept "supressed" within myself and yet was brought forth unconditionally by my physical human body.

I see now the frail structure of me... and how I have always accepted and allowed myself to exist as "weak" and "ineffective" as well as "inadequate". My body, unconditionally, represented this physically equal and one with my inner perspective.

How long have I been sleepwalking? How long has this body been operating under an unconscious mind system, unconditionally supporting something that held no regard or awareness for self?

How long have I slumbered in the submergence beneath this "Joe Kou" mind construct that has been masquerading as "life" on my behalf?

As I apply myself to remain HERE in awareness as the truth of me, I am "getting to know" my body for the first time. For indeed, I have never truly seen it with my own eyes.

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