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No Such Thing As "PURE Imagination”

A point that I have often placed value in throughout my life has been my ability to 'escape' into my imagination and believe that I was 'special' for being able to create vivid and 'wild' and 'robust' fantasy worlds and illusions and stories in my mind which I would find more meaningful and far more interesting and 'deep' than the actual world that is HERE.

As a child I would often be creating my own fantasy worlds, populating them with people and plots and intrigue between my imaginary cast of characters, and held an idea that I was 'destined' to be a great story teller because of how much 'depth' I thought I was putting into the richness of the stories that I would create in my mind. This point of going into my imagination and creating whole worlds and sweeping 'epic' stories and going into energetic and emotional reactions from the very stories that I myself was creating was an intoxicating experience – where I felt as though I was god and that I was creating something powerful – something that elevated and exalted me, when really I was simply addicted to the energetic and emotional charges that I would be able to drum up within myself in my mind.

The more I participated in adding more and more layers to my fantasy world, adding in more and more plots and twists and developing the characters in my mind, the more 'real' those imaginary worlds seemed, based on the amount of emotional energy that I would experience within the stories I was creating – where there would be moments in my day where I would 'tune in' to that imaginary world and get a 'rush' of excitement as I placed myself into the role of one of the lead characters and allow myself to be swept up into the story – and there I would live out and express the things that I feared to express in my 'normal life' in the context of my family and the nature of suppression that I had developed in my childhood where I had trained myself to suppress myself and maintain a control over my emotions and feelings which led to me trying to 'work out' my suppressed energies through my 'creative' mind as a way of 'releasing' the energy – but here I did not see or realize that by turning within myself and creating worlds into which I would 'charge myself up' with more emotional energies, I was in fact digging myself ever deeper into my mind and into my 'great imagination' instead of actually facing and walking through the points in my life where I was allowing myself to be directed by the mind, by the energies, and by the suppressed emotions and feelings that I did not understand and tried to control.

When I did sit down to write out and place into an actual writing the stories that I would create in my mind I would always get to a point of resistance, where I wanted to manifest the story as I had imagined it, with the emotions and energetic elements that I experienced and charged the story with, but would not be able to translate that experience into my writing, and here I would get frustrated with not being able to actually manifest in reality my 'great epic story' and would not be able to live out my idealized self-belief of my being a 'great storyteller'. Looking back now I see that I was so caught up in the story in my mind that I did not allow myself the patience and dedication and discipline to develop my skills within creative writing and within a point of ego wanted to simply 'manifest' everything instantly because that was how I had created it in my mind, which here created an initial false belief that I am somehow unable to write and unable to express that creativity through my writing. So having no 'outlet' for the 'great and epic' story that was building in my mind and not seeing the solution of LIVING and participating in my reality instead of settling for self-created worlds, I simply continued to be introverted and isolated myself from others, still not allowing myself to explore and express myself in my physical, practical world and preferring the 'solitude' of my 'private' inner mind. 

Thus the suppressed emotional energies, the reactions, the anger, the fear, and all of the charges that I would experience within me and would continually suppress rather thanexpress, became their own world inside of me, and while I thought I was being 'creative' and 'imaginative' what I had actually been doing was translating my internalized/suppressed experiences and frustrations and energetic highs and lows into stories in my mind – where I was simply taking what was already stored and compounded within me as energetic experiences and memories that accumulated throughout my childhood and compounding them and getting further addicted to the energy and emotions rather than releasing the actual points of suppression.

A moment of sarcastic common sense with Willy Wonka
Thus here I debunk and disassemble the self-belief that I have carried within myself in relation to believing that I was a 'great storyteller' and to believe that I was somehow 'gifted' with a 'great imagination' and to hold that belief about myself as a point of ego and to not look behind this self-belief and get to the actual point of separation – and see that there was nothing 'special' about the worlds that I created and that there was nothing 'epic' or 'grand' – but rather was simply me attempting to control and maintain and use the suppressed emotions and energies within me because I feared to actually live and express me in the real world, and thus relied more and more heavily on me creating worlds within myself through which to have the interactions, relationships, and experience myself in the ways that I wanted but knew would not be able to.

Self Forgiveness – Creating Stories as a Coping Mechanism

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, instead of developing real relationships and participating in my practical, physical world, instead turn my focus and attention inwards into my mind wherein I would create my own worlds and my own fictional relationships with which to interact and further define my experience of myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, in my search for more energy and stimulation and not being able to find such energy and stimulation in the real relationships in my world due to the introverted and isolationist nature that I had developed within me where I lacked the social and communication skills to develop such relationships, instead turn within myself and thus create fictional worlds and characters in my own mind in order to get my energetic 'fix'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see and realize that participation in the mind within energy is extremely addictive and to have allowed myself to become addicted to the energy that I was able to experience within myself when participating in the mind through creating thoughts, pictures, stories, and allowing extensive backchat through which I would 'charge myself up' as the 'experience' of me within myself and within this to separate myself ever more from what is actually HERE as the physical reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, instead of participating directly in my physical reality within developing relationships, participating in activities with others, and getting  'out there into the world', rather focus on developing internalized relationships with myself in which I would further separate myself into compartments and alternate realities where through the years I developed relationships with alternate reality versions of people and personalities that I had created in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see and realize the extent to which I have separated myself from other beings in my world through the extent to which I have isolated myself and allowed myself to delve further into my mind as my main point of interaction – where instead of interacting with this world and the people within it, I would instead interact with the worlds I would create within myself and the different voices/personalities that I would create in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear letting go of the sense of 'power' that comes with being able to instantly create one's own world and be able to adopt any kind of 'personality' that one desires, within the 'privacy' of ones' mind and to not see the extent of separation that this causes within the beingness of oneself – wherein one is speaking to self within the mind using different 'voices' and energetic charges and allowing such conversations to become the primary point from which one makes decisions about one's life and one's relationship with the rest of the actual, physical world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see and realize the manifested consequences of me splintering myself into various and multiple versions of self existing in various and multiple dimensions in which different 'lives' and different personalities are created and stored as 'me' and thus to not have a stable and accountable point of SELF that is able to walk ONE LIFE effectively and fully, having split myself up into various components and 'minds' within me, each attempting to live out it's existence, and thus creating the experience within me of conflict and friction and the perceived 'inability' to remain focused and dedicated to ONE point and to walk that ONE point fully and in detail – where I allowed myself to simply believe that I am defective and simply 'not able' to function effectively instead of seeing that I have simply been trying to live out multiple versions of myself, in multiple dimensions and alternate realities, and within this not having made a single and clear decision as to who I am, and where I stand, thus not actually standing firm in any point in specific – where the lack of a constant and firm decision creates the backdoors and justifications to constantly 'give up' and 'get overwhelmed' and to remain within the limitation and acceptance of compromising me in my actual potential in this life – which then becomes the living statement of my self-acceptances – which becomes the actual 'example' that I am setting for the rest of existence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compromise myself and the ability to stand and face whatever is HERE in my reality by becoming addicted to backchat and the preprogrammed thoughts and reactions and experiences within me, and to attempt to correct and 'fix' or justify how I experience myself in relation to my backchat by creating and participating in MORE backchat – where I create my own world and reality and fill it with people of my own creation with which to secretly 'act out' my actual desires and indulge in self-worship of my own ego and righteousness – where in my mind I am always right and always get the desired outcome that benefits me no matter who else might have to suffer – and to justify these thoughts and pictures because apparently 'nobody gets hurt' when I to this in the secrecy of my own mind – not taking any responsibility for the accumulation of such thoughts and backchat within me or the personality and ego and self-interest that develops from allowing such a point to exist within self.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear letting go of my secret worlds and the illusion of 'power and control' that I am apparently able to utilize within my mind by creating my own - worlds and realities through my imagination – not seeing or realizing that I have NEVER actually been 'in control' of even my own inner realities because ALL of the internalized worlds and relationships that I have created have been the result of accumulated backchat and emotional experiences that I have compounded throughout my childhood – and the nature of my internalized worlds and creations reflect this in every way – this I was never a creator but rather a 'compressor' of energies and experiences that were ALREADY present within me – where I was simply re-packaging and suppressing what was already here and thus could not actually have been 'my' creation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that it is even possible to create anything 'new' or 'original' within my mind as stories or alternate realities when the very foundation of my understanding and ability to perceive and process information has been absolutely defined and influenced by preprogramming and by that which was already HERE.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see and realize that I have sold myself and abdicated myself to energy within and as the mind wherein I have allowed myself to give up what is actually REAL and already HERE as the substance of life and the potential that is here within this reality for expression and expansion, and to have blinded myself and fooled myself into accepting a version of reality as determined by my mind and the preprogrammed relationships, thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the mind consciousness system.

Self-Realizations related to Creating Stories as a Coping Mechanism
      1. Allowing myself to constantly and continuously participate in creating alternate realities and worlds within my mind instead of walking, breathing, and directing myself in the actual physical reality accumulates more and more self-separation and conflict in my world.
      2. The conflict and friction that I experience in my world can be seen as a reflection of the conflict and friction that I experience within myself as the various dimensions and realities that I have created within me 'clash' due to me allowing the existence of alternate realities and dimensions that are not congruent or aligned and will seek it's own fulfillment without consideration of what is best for all.
      3. The experience of apparently not being able to 'walk a single point' or to stick to principle and commitment within decisions is an outflow/consequence of me not making absolute commitments within self that are aligned in all dimensions in self – thus where I experience a conflict/friction/backchat or resistance or excuse/justification – it is an indication of where I am still holding on to an alternate dimension/secret agenda that I am not allowing myself to forgive and let go of which is compromising my commitments and decisions.
      4. I have spend many years in accumulating backchat and emotional experiences which I have suppressed and then compounded into alternate realities within myself – thus it is not to judge or hold a grudge against myself but to see the origin point of what I had allowed myself to suppress and compound and to forgive and release that point and walk the correction of that point in my reality as I bring all dimensions HERE to the eye of the needle as I unify myself and align myself as ONE being, where my words, actions, and commitments are absolute in all dimensions of me.

Self – Correction on Creating Stories as a Coping Mechanism

When and as I see/notice myself experiencing a point of conflict/friction within my experience of self, I STOP the voice in my head and do not allow myself to participate in internal discussions that masquerade as 'self-introspection' and rather support myself to write the point out in a self-supportive manner instead of trying to win an argument with my own mind which will only create further self-separation.

When and as I see/notice myself 'lost' within a point of daydreaming/fantasy where I am not HERE and breathing and directing myself, I STOP and investigate the 'nature' or 'essence' of the daydream so that I am able to see where I am separating myself and where I am trying to create an experience in an alternate reality because of a point that I am not living/directing in my actual reality because I see and realize that the daydream/dimensional shift is NOT good or bad and is not to be judged or resisted or suppressed, but rather are indications of where I am attempting to create something that I desire using energy instead of seeing whether or not this point is able to stand within what is best for all and whether I will be able to bring this point to a practical point of manifestation in my life.

When I see/notice myself wanting to escape a point of responsibility or see/notice myself facing a point of resistance I STOP the voices in my head that attempt to 'talk' me into a decision that may compromise me and my point of self-honesty, and support myself to walk and apply myself within a decision that is best for all – where there can be no doubt or 'debate' as to whether or not my decision is one that is able to stand the test of time.

When I see/notice myself projecting into alternate realities in which I have an idealized relationship or event or circumstance that is not actually here in my reality, I STOP and realize that I am facing a point of separation where I am trying to create what is not HERE and am not allowing myself to walk the practical process of accumulation and discipline required to manifest and make REAL and establish within myself that which exists as a 'desire' that is separate from me, and to realize and understand that any picture or idea in my mind will always consist of energy and self-interest that does not take reality into consideration and therefore will not actually be able to manifest in this reality.

When I see/notice myself 'zoning out' or going into and as reactions and backchat in my mind instead of moving myself and directing myself, I STOP the voice in my head and do not try to fight or suppress the resistance or reaction. I stop and adjust and change what is able to be changed in one breath, and that which I cannot self-honestly change in one breath, I commit to accumulating the necessary breaths to slowly but surely change as the eventuality of me, and thus allow myself the necessary discipline and application and PATIENCE to walk my life to a point of self-perfection, realizing that it took many breaths to become who and what I currently am, and will take many breaths to undo these foundations.

Redefining the Word “Imagination

  1. the faculty of imagining,  or of forming mental images  or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.

  1. the action or process of forming such images  or concepts.

  1. the product of imagining;  a conception or mental creation, often a baseless or fanciful one.

  1. ability to face and resolve difficulties; resourcefulness: a job that requires imagination.

Here I see the word “imagination” as I have lived it – within the context of using imagination as a means to “create mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.”

Thus I have utilized the imagination like a magician, where I-am-a-magician and able to create clever illusions that distract and present a false assumption and presentation of reality, often employing what can appear to be 'magical' means that have no evident basis on actual reality or how it functions – thus creating an 'alternate' picture of reality presented as though it were 'real' without actually showing in detail the process through which such an illusion can be achieved because that would ruin the 'spell' that the magician uses to captivate and compel the audience.
Who I am within “Imagination” as “I'm a magician”

In my life I have utilized the point of being a 'magician' in my own mind where I am able to conjure up at will all kinds of illusions and distractions to keep myself occupied and distracted from actual reality, through my imagination.

Within this point of imagination I would exploit a desire for something that I have separated myself from – whether it is a particular relationship or a particular 'feeling' or experience which I believe would make me 'happy' – and will use that desire as the justification for me to temporarily suspend my disbelief and common sense so that I am able to accept an alternate version of reality and for a moment be able to experience that point of desire through 'magically' creating such an illusion using energy in my mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions, and 'imagination' – where I am both the magician and the audience, feeding off of the energy of me as the captive audience and turning that energy into the illusion that I craft as the magician/imagination.

Thus I see the here of how 'imagination' is often linked and associated with 'magic' and 'fantasy' – the 'imagination/i'm a magician' point exists in relationship with the point of 'fantasy' and the idea and belief of 'magic' where things are apparently able to just 'happen' without any regard for practical physical processes within the nature of actual reality and how as a child, I had allowed myself to create such points of 'magical' worlds within myself through my imagination – where the worlds seem to 'exist' in me without any substance or actual physical effort- not seeing that the energy to sustain and create such worlds comes directly from me as the physical essence of me.

Self-Forgiveness on the Word “Imagination” and association to “I'm a magician”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to utilize my imagination in the manner of a magician creating alternate realities and illusions which are presented as 'real', which I suspend my disbelief for in order to for a moment experience an escape from this reality when the truth and actual manifested nature of this reality cannot be escaped in any way and remains HERE while any illusion or alternate reality that is created of energy must eventually dissipate and fall and be revealed as the illusion that it is.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to associate the sense of 'magic' and 'wonder' and 'fantasy' to the word 'imagination' without considering the actual and practical consequences of allowing imagination to be part of ones ability to access what is actually here as the relationships which are created in the physical yet disregarded in the mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that having a good 'imagination' is a skill or talent in and of itself without considering the long-term effects of participation in 'imagination' and the creation of concepts and ideas that are not in fact based on what is best for all in THIS REALITY but rather based upon personal interpretations and creations of alternate realities which ultimately always serve self-interest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in 'flights of fancy' and allow myself to be 'swept away' into the excitement of stories and the idea of magic and fantasy without seeing and realizing that in such moments I am allowing myself to deliberately indulge in feeding the mind and dulling my actual senses in the physical to practically observe and see what is in fact here, where I as the magician conjure and 'enchant' myself into delusional realities that do not support me to stand HERE and rather promise illusions that will inevitably burst as the temporary bubbles that they are.

New Definition of the Word - “Imagination” → “Image and Likeness in Action”

Thus the “imagination” must be the actual “Image and Likeness in Action”, where just as a magician is able to create by understanding certain principles and relationships and manipulating/directing those principles and relationships to achieve a desired effect, we are able to utilize the same function in a practical way that supports who we all are in the walking of our process of returning to the PHYSICAL and taking back our authority and directive responsibility as the Creator, where we as the Image and Likeness of the Creator can use our “Imagination” as the “Image and Likeness in Action” - where through actual and practical ACTION we direct the principles and relationships of this reality to achieve a result that is best for all as our Creation.

We are able to, through understanding the principles of creation in this practical reality, manifest and create that which is not yet here and not yet manifest as our creation, understanding that only that which is best for all in all ways and does not harm or lead to separation or abuse, will be able to stand the test of time and thus anything that is not in alignment within what is best for all will not be able to sustain itself and will eventually fall.

In our role and responsibility as creators of this reality we are able to see that which would be best for all through self-honestly taking all into consideration as one and equal expressions of ourselves, and we are able to determine what is currently here that does not support the creation of a heaven on earth, and we are also able to see and determine what is required to be here as the infrastructure and placement that will enable the creation of a world that is best for all – and though such a world can only exist as an 'image' for the moment because it is not yet here, we put that image into the action of self-creation – through our own living actions which accumulate to a result that is mathematically equated to what is best for all.

Thus imagination is the faculty of seeing clearly as the 'image' of what is best for all and is not yet here in our practical senses, and to bring that image to action in the physical, where imagination = image and likeness of the creator in action – slowly but surely bringing HERE what exists for the moment as an 'image' of oneness and equality.

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