Saturday, June 25, 2011

Desteni USA - A taste of things to come

Last weekend I attended the Desteni US meeting in Houston and met with fellow Destonians.

Destonians at the Desteni US meeting.
Hanging out with fellow Destonians was definitely a very cool experience in that we were very comfortable with each other. I noticed that during the entire stay there in Houston, packed into a house with people from across the country, there was never a single moment of conflict that I experienced. Points that came up would simply be discussed and the most practical solution would be implemented. All people were considered - all people were 'looked after' in the sense that nobody was left out from participation in anything that was going on. We all shared the house, made ourselves comfortable, and we each simply directed ourselves within the activities that we wanted to participate in. It was also cool eating and sharing food with everyone. Anytime I was hungry, there was ample food and everyone was always welcome to it. Nothing was ever 'off limits' and this applied not just to the food, but to everything in the house. There was no need to be anxious or reserved about using something or borrowing something - if a person required to use something, the person can simply use it. There was an unspoken understanding and agreement that all are welcome and equal - nobody got to have 'more' than another or claim the right to anything, but yet everyone was satiated - everyone was given all that they required - everyone was comfortable - and at no point did I experience any form of "lack" or "wanting".

For me, this was my first experience within 'communal living' where I did not have my own 'personal space' except for the tent that I would sleep in in the back yard. During the day my time was spent with the others, participating in conversations or doing my regular "desteni thing" on the laptop - which was cool also because we all kept to our normal participation - we kept blogging, vlogging, and checking on the forums and group chats and keeping up with our regular participation - we did not just isolate ourselves and go into a separate 'vacation' reality during that weekend.

What this experience shows me is that first of all, any opinion or judgment I have about another is absolutely worthless. It was cool to meet and actually speak with and hang out with people that I have built up ideas around - and to see all of those ideas collapse within the presence of this other being - because then as my ideas and opinions about them drop away, I am able to actually experience them and appreciate them as well as take responsibility for myself within the thoughts that I had accepted and allowed myself to participate in.

Overall what this experience has been for me is seeing actual living proof of the efficacy of those who support themselves and apply themselves within this process of self-forgiveness and self-honesty wherein one is then able to let go of the bullshit that keeps us from being able to co-exist in ways that support everyone instead of there being hidden stress, fears, and anxieties which can exist between people - especially people who live and work together.

So, if it is possible for small groups of people to come to a clear understanding and respect for each other and commit to living in a way that supports everyone, where all are able to direct themselves as well as assist and support each other within practical living considerations - then why can this model not be brought to a small community, or a city, or a state, or a nation, or the world? The issue is not that this cannot be done - the issue is not that we are doomed by our 'human nature' because those who walk the desteni i process see for ourselves that 'human nature' is a widely misunderstood and overly-accepted concept which does not actually describe the nature of the human. Within applying the tools of self-forgiveness and self-honesty along with self-corrective application, one is in fact able to break from our own pre-programmed tendencies and recreate ourselves. Thus 'human nature' is not a valid excuse - it is a justification accepted at a massive scale which has created a world in which individuals dismiss without actual understanding or consideration the possibility of radically changing the way we live so that all are able to exist here in dignity and honor and that we are in fact fully capable of designing a new 'human nature' that is no longer rooted in fear, survival, greed, or self-interest.

Thus I commit to walking my process and supporting those who stand for a new model of life - a way of existence in which we can actually enjoy ourselves and explore this reality without the unnecessary fears and conflicts that arise due to not having a practical understanding of how we function as human beings. More and more I see the power and potential of the Desteni I Process - just by looking at myself and the others who participate - it is not an exaggeration to say that this entire world CAN be changed. And so it will - because it is not about changing others or trying to save the world - it is to realize that we must first and foremost change ourselves, and support each other to do the same - and in this we we as one as the humans on this earth take responsibility for ourselves and correct ourselves, and align ourselves within a way of living that is best for all - thus changing the way the current world functions. If the world is the reflection of who we are collectively, then let us change ourselves so that what is best for all is the reflection that this world represents.

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