Friday, February 18, 2011

Sleepiness as Resistance to Blogging - Part 1

I am here writing - and am experiencing myself as 'tired' and 'sleepy'.

within this there was resistance to writing on this point - wanting to just go to bed and write in the morning - wanting to simply deal with daily blogging 'later' even though i have committed myself to writing a blog each day.

within this tiredness there is also frustration, which is not actually frustration, but self-judgment and shame. this self-judgment and shame is to do with me experiencing myself as a 'failure' because i did not direct/move myself earlier in the day to get my vlogging/blogging done, and now i am want to go to bed.

i see that this tiredness is actually a tiredness within and as the mind - running in circles within the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs, and pictures that come up throughout the day.

so here i see the correction is to push myself within blogging earlier in the day and managing my time more effectively so that i am not rushing or trying to get something done for the sake of doing it, instead of actually writing as self-support HERE. also the point of eating proper meals so that i am supporting my human physical body, thus able to work more effectively instead of spending more time in the kitchen on snacks that don't fill me up.

I will leave it at here for now, as i am experiencing myself as very sleepy at the moment. I will continue to open up this point tomorrow.

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