Saturday, February 19, 2011

Laying out some points to further expand

managing my time more effectively and not participating in procrastination is something that i see i must push myself within.

i see that i must make it a point to do my writing earlier in the day - and to not allow myself to put off writing until just before bed, where i am already wanting to just go to sleep and am not fully HERE.

in the last few days i have been experiencing a point of 'balancing out' my patterns of going into nervousness, anxiety, and lock-downs have been noticeably reduced, and when i do experience such points i no longer allow myself to dwell on it.

where i see i still require accumulation is the point of self-direction in each breath, and slowing WAAAY down within all that i do so that i am HERE fully participating and not in my mind - and within this trusting self within and as the physical.

I will open up further points as i get better with managing my time during the day. i will follow up on this writing most likely tomorrow.

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