Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me, working for the Democratic Party? Sure why not.

Today I interviewed for a job with the Democratic Party of Oregon to become a field canvasser/field manager.

In looking at this I see that there was initial resistance doing this - having judged the Democratic Party as simply being 'part of the system' and 'not worth my time' because it was obviously not supporting an equal money system or what is best for all, and is supporting the current system.

yet within this, i saw that there is NOTHING currently in this world that is not 'supporting' the current political/economic system - there is no such thing as a position or job in this world that actually stands for what is best for all, and that i am equally responsible for the existence of both the republican AND the democratic parties of the US - that i am equal and one to the accepted and allowed abuse within the political system.

in order for real political change to happen we have to actually see and know how the political process works - by embracing what is here and then directing it as ourselves one and equal.

thus within establishing that i am not a democrat, but a person standing one and equal to the manifestation of the democratic party and taking self-responsibility within this point to accumulate for myself to ability to actually make a difference and to expand myself within getting to know the political process 'from within', i allowed myself to take on this point of working for the democratic party

the question of 'how far am i willing to go' came up as i investigated my resistances - and i saw that the answer is simply 'whatever is necessary'. if that means that i have to 'infiltrate' and play the personality of a 'democrat' in order to accumulate for myself practical experience and skills so that i can actually stand within the system, then cool, so long as the starting-point is what is best for all.

what i am seeing is the point of not judging what is here - not separating myself from what is here - but rather taking responsibility and pushing myself to stand within all of it within the principle of oneness and equality.

so we will see how this goes in terms of whether or not i get the job. either way, i see that i will not limit myself within the self-belief that i am 'not responsible' for ALL that is currently here - and i will continue to apply myself and align myself within what is best for all - whether it is working for the democratic or republican political party, or working at a McDonald's. it is all HERE - and who i am within the HERE-ness is what will determine everything.