Thursday, February 24, 2011

Procrastination Part Two

Today what I am seeing within the point of procrastination - it is a 'coping mechanism' wherein I am indulging in thoughts and remaining within my mind/back chat.

What I fear losing most within letting go of the points of laziness and
procrastination is that within taking this point on, i will have to actually change myself and let go of my comfort zones - and walk into the unknown with only self-trust and self-forgiveness.

In regards to this point of procrastination i see that it will require constant and consistent application for me to actually re-program myself and actually change in all dimensions of self - so that the change is REAL within the PHYSICAL.

Within procrastinating, I am able to 'buy time' for myself to do that I wanted - but this always follows the same pattern of time 'flying by' and losing track, and then i feel pressured and put on a 'deadline' because i have not actually expanded myself on this point and create further layers of constriction and self-judgment.

In order to support myself through this point of procrastination (interesting that even now it is nearly 2 in the morning and i am once again doing this just before bed - putting it off until later even having made the decision to blog/vlog earlier in the day instead. I will continue to write and investigate the point of procrastination until i am satisfied that the point is directed and i am able to move on.

i will support myself with patience - breathing and pushing myself each day to not accept the excuses of and as the mind as to why i should or for. This point of procrastination is not actually who i am - and as i will myself to do, move, and participate within this world, i establish self as the authority of and as self - and procrastination will no longer control/define me.

I will continue this investigation

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