Sunday, February 13, 2011

More on the point of accumulation

A point that I am seeing today is the application of constantly applying myself and adjusting - allowing myself to 'bend' and be flexible with points so that i am able to actually take them on and change - when a point is first 'taken on' for correction, there is still a 'beta testing' phase where the actual change has not fully been integrated and one must adjust and fine-tune and make further corrections along the way - and within this process one gets closer and closer to establishing a point of standing - and from that point of standing one can remain consistent and stable, having 'tested out' all the scenarios and bugs. Thus it is impractical to constantly remain in self-judgment or giving up so easily when a point at first seems to not be budging. It is a process and one must be brutal as well as gentle within it.

as mentioned before i have been experiencing this point of gradual 'improvement' within accumulating self-trust and consistently applying myself, and seeing that as i make these adjustments, slowly but surely i am accumulating self-change and i will 'walk into' the point where eventually i am stable within the points i am working on and can then expand myself and take on more. until then, i simply walk and keep on walking, adjusting, allowing self to make mistakes and learning from them.

another point that i see is important within this application of accumulation is to not give any energy to the moments that one sees are 'effective' or 'heading in the right direction' - which builds an expectation and sets one up for a polarity event in which the 'good feelings' turn bad when a bump occurs and one has to re-adjust. simply re-adjust whenever necessary and do not look back - and do not project into the future when things seem to be 'going well'.

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