Monday, January 3, 2011

Joe and Lindsay's Agreement Definitions

Joe and Lindsay’s Agreement

We commit to walk together, sharing ourselves unconditionally within the principle of equality and oneness, and thus assist and support each other - as ourselves - in complete and total self-honesty - not allowing anything less than who we are as Life - thus, we walk all points of separation, within absolute self-correction - until here no further.

Establishing a point of self-trust, and through this, establishing a point of trust with each other, by utilizing unconditional communication - realizing that we are walking alone in our specific process, therefore we take self-responsibility, while understanding, and living the understanding, that we as all of existence, walk this process together - as all, as one, as equal. We push each other, within an application of gentle brutality, to live and expand until all that is here is life - one and equal.

This agreement must not become a ‘third entity’ that is created by us through participation within and as energy, wherein it manifests a relationship = separation. We stand absolute with or without the ‘other’ - no matter what.

We establish and live total self-acceptance within and as self-intimacy, and through this, intimacy with each other. We explore sexual self-expression - holding nothing back, assisting each other, as ourselves, to diffuse all points of separation within and as energy, in order to live self-enjoyment unconditionally.

We keep the agreement practical, not personal - knowing that we are NOT the points of the mind consciousness system - such as ego/personality/opinions/blame/judgment/self interest/etc. which will be transcended in order to establish equality, here - in fact = birthing ourselves as life from the physical.

Sharing - To give to each other unconditionally what we would like to give to ourselves.

Examples of not living the word ‘Sharing’ - Holding back, not sharing completely all points = conditional, holding on to secrets, self-interest within and as greed.

Assist and Support - We stand one and equal to each other as ourselves and directing all points within self-honesty to not accept anything less than who the other is as life. Such as - openly discussing/communicating, utilizing muscle communication, writing, sharing on forum, self-forgiveness along with self-corrective application, touch, bringing the point HERE instead of allowing points to remain within the mind, physical intimacy.

Examples of not living the words ‘Assist and Support’ - To accept and allow self definitions, limitation, dishonesty within the other as self, thus allowing the mind consciousness system enslavement to continue within both beings therefore within all of existence. To not direct, open up, or correct a point that is seen. To not ‘time-loop for two’ - understanding that one’s time-loop is another’s and both will have to face compounded consequences.

Self-Honesty - Knowing that who self is as life is not the mind, thus sharing self unconditionally without fear = having the courage to live here in each moment without any limitation whatsoever.

Examples of not living the word ‘Self-Honesty’ - To exist as the mind within and as self-dishonesty, self-limitation, self-interest, and separation from all life, here. Such as - letting the mind figure it out, participating in thoughts within the secret mind, wanting to be ‘more than life’ by existing within and as ego, wanting to change another/the world/existence, as separate from self.

Self-Trust - Accumulating the self-will and self-movement to direct self within self-honesty, thus stopping the existence of mind consciousness enslavement - establishing self as the authority in each moment without fear.

Examples of not living the word ‘Self-Trust’ - Seeing the other as a ‘savior’, wanting to be directed by the other before moving self = self-doubt, abdicating self and allowing the mind to run on ‘autopilot’, existing within fear of loss.

Communication - Openly and unconditionally speaking with each other as self, and sharing all points within and as self honesty.

Examples of not living the word ‘Communication’ - stifling self by not bringing up all points in the moment they arise, believing that one can hide, keeping secrets, holding onto ego and self-definitions/self-limitations.

Self-Responsibility - Self is the only one able to ‘respond’ to self, thus self is alone response-able for correcting and directing all points within self-agreement as another, self-honestly - HERE.

Examples of not living the word ‘Self-Responsibility’ - Abdicating self, wanting to be ‘fixed’, blaming the other, projecting our own points onto the other, wanting the other to change/wanting to change the other. Not bringing all points back to self.

Relationship - Relating to another as self. Walking with another as an equal, thus standing alone with no strings attached.

Examples of not living the word ‘Relationship’ - Sinking on the real-hate-shun-ship by accepting and allowing a third entity to possess self through creating points of dependency rooted in separation. Falling into mind-definitions of ‘relationship’ that are conditioned and pre-programmed into self - to enslave self into ‘comfort’ within ‘complacency’ and self-limitation which sabotages self from realizing self as all one as equal.

Self-Acceptance - Walking within and as vulnerability, humility, humbleness, and gentleness. Accepting and allowing self to expand as self explores who self is within and as oneness and equality. Embracing self within the totality of self in every moment of breath, while letting go of that which does not stand within the principle of what is best for all.

Examples of not living the word ‘Self-Acceptance’ - Accepting and allowing self to exist as ego within self-judgment, self-limitation, self-diminishment, comparing self to ideals based on pre-programming, self-spite, self-rejection, self-definitions, self-neglect, self-abuse, thus projecting all of these points onto the other instead of bringing it back to self.

Self-Intimacy - Self-Into-Me-I-See - Seeing into all aspects of self within and as self-honesty. Being aware of how self functions, down to exact specificity, so there are no ‘hidden corners’ in which self may remain within and as the mind. Opening self up to existence - unconditionally - within the realization that self IS all of existence, thus any point of resistance indicate self closing off from who self is as life = separation. Seeing into the other as self.

Examples of not living the word ‘Self-Intimacy’ - To reject self/the other, within fear of exposing self to self within brutal self-honesty.

Sexual Self-Expression - Utilizing touch and breath with the other, as a point of self-support within self-honesty, to break down and transcend the mind - pushing through all points of resistance, and if resistance(s) arise - doing it anyway - to not remain within limitation/fear/separation/ego/excuses. Releasing all points of energy within orgasm that feed the mind consciousness system, thus purifying self-expression within and as the physical, during physical self-intimacy with the other.

Examples of not living the words ‘Sexual Self-Expression’ - Participating within points of resistance that separate one from the physical while residing in the mind. Participating in thoughts/pictures within the act of sexual self-expression with the other, thus accepting and allowing energy to possess self = fueling the mind consciousness system.

Self-Enjoyment - Having fun. Exploring/expanding the various ways self is able to express self within the unlimited potential of this existence. There are no rules. There are no limits. There are no boundaries - only self - HERE. Self-Enjoyment is a self-movement that is not directed by or dependent upon energy/mind in any way whatsoever - EVER!!!! OKAY?! COOL!

Example of not living the word ‘Self-Enjoyment’ - Being a fucker.

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