Friday, January 14, 2011

A blog a day keeps the Mind at bay

Taking on the point of writing daily and sharing my writings as an accumulation of me pushing, expanding, and directing myself within and as the words I write and thus the words I speak and the words that I LIVE.

In taking on this point of self-support within writing each day I am reminded of the times I have made such commitments before and how clearly I saw writing to be a vital part of my process, yet had found ways to excuse myself from writing each and every day.

So I take this point on within a starting point of self-support and moving myself within self-direction to write in my blog every day and clear up for myself any and all points that are able to be written out and worked through, and I share this with all within humbleness as I expand myself within and as my words through writing and aligning/correcting myself in all aspects where I am not standing as the directive principle within what is best for all.

Lately I have been seeing the point of 'change' and noticing that I have been firmer in my stance within my dedication to process. I have been pushing on the points where I see I require attention and correction and I have been applying myself within sharing all of my points with Lindsay so that we are supporting each other equally and having no back doors or surprises. I am also seeing how my self-writing is able to be clearer and be used as a tool for self-correction as I write out a point and am able to immediately apply self-corrective application within and as the words that I place and stand by.

Another point that I am seeing as effective is the way I am participating within my agreement with Lindsay. It has been great support walking with Lindsay and pushing myself to open up and share all points and have no back-doors within my commitment and to openly expose the points that I am facing, the points where I am 'falling', the points where I am requiring specific direction or support, the points where I am effective and stable but require to maintain it and integrate the change, all of it. In this application of letting go of comfort zones and self-definitions I am able to actually establish 'who I am' within self-honesty and let go of who I have accepted and allowed myself to believe myself to be and exist as, which was of limitation and certainly not best for all. In opening up and revealing all points we are able to walk together equally, being accountable to ourselves at all times because there are no 'secret points' or hidden agendas and we are able to 'call out' the points we are possessed by directly and provide specific support, seeing that these points are not who we are and not accepting such points to remain. I am enjoying myself as I walk this process of peeling away the layers of self-definitions and mind constructs- exposing the actual expression of self within self-honesty and taking on all points.

I also am noticing a general stability within self even while facing points, having reactions, noticing where I am not self-directing and still require correction. In having established for myself the 'stance' of not giving up and walking this process no matter what, there is a sense of 'balance' and 'grace' within facing myself and my world, taking responsibility and stopping the points of fear, dishonesty, and separation as I expose these points and take them on layer by layer and no longer judging myself or condemning myself when a point 'resurfaces' and is faced again. There has been a definite change within how I am approaching my process since planting my feet down and being clear that I stand no matter what and that I shall walk this process until all are free.

So here I am 'taking stock' of what I am seeing that is effective in my world and it is an interesting 'coincidence' that at the moment I am working on getting ready for a store-wide inventory audit where we must account for the actual physical merchandise in the store to establish where we stand within our assets and sales figures - taking actual stock of what is actually here, counting the physical items article by article in a direct process of 1+1. I see that my current effectiveness is an improvement and expansion of self within applying myself and remaining diligent in my dedication and self-agreement to stop myself as the pre-programmed ego mind and birth myself HERE within and as the physical. Thus it is the same 1+1 application of continuing to support myself with all of the tools that are at my disposal and to not disregard this opportunity within this life to make a definitive change within self and within existence.

I stand here in humbleness and gratitude for all who walk this process and take on everything that this entails. I am grateful to all who walk with desteni. I am grateful for the support of the physical, my human body, all of existence for being HERE, where we are at the eye of the universe to see ourselves and realize what we are and what we can be.

I walk. I continue, no matter what. I do not give up until all are here as self-willed equals in fact. So it is done.

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