Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is on FIRE !!!

The house is NOT on fire.

That is the realization that I am beginning to experience.

I have allowed myself to grow so accustomed to things being "out of my control" that I often automatically assume that the worst is going to happen and that all of my fears will manifest and suffocate me.

When faced with difficulty, or even the looming possibility of difficulty, I automatically allow my programming to shut me down and accept failure. Automatically, I begin creating mental scenarios of me failing, and then go into fear about those scenarios playing out in real life.

When any sort of challenge arises, I behave as though I am trapped inside a burning house... that any struggle or attempt to free myself would be futile... that my "fate" is sealed and that only doom and demise await me. I mentally fan the flames of my own destruction... which of course then plays out in REAL life. Only it is not a house fire that caused my suffering... it was my acceptance that the fires burning within my mind were real.

I have created many such burning houses within my mind... one for each and every time I faced a challenge or some difficulty. I have survived each and every such "fire" unscathed. Regardless of what demise I have portrayed within my mind.. I remain HERE.

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