Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In spite of myself

For so long I have existed within the confines of programming. I have lived my "life" within the familiar comfort of simply going on about my business, safe in the blissful ignorance into which we are all seemingly indoctrinated into during our formative years.

I have for so long existed as a system, functioning perfectly as my programming flawlessly carried out it's routines in the background as I experienced what I believed to be "life".

And yet now, having seen the extent of this programming, having glimpsed the true implications of what this entails, having understood the sheer impact of this single realization, still I am unwilling to truly challenge my preprogrammed nature. Even now, I am reluctant to let go of the life I thought was real even knowing full well the delusion.

In my life I have fully assimilated myself into my persona and my intellect. All that I have known was my systematic programming. And it is so very disheartening to witness the extent of this in not only myself, but the entire world.

How long have we been blind? How long have we accepted this to be called "life"?

We have to stop this. I have to stop this. It has gone too far and the consequences will be so very hard to bear. Yet we did it to ourselves... blind though we were, there is no one else who can undo what we have done in our prolonged ignorance and spitefulness.

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