Thursday, May 21, 2009

The perils of working in quantum while being in a physical reality

Recently I had the realization that I have the tendency to project my work into quantum terms, meaning I mentally construct in full an entire project with great detail. The specifics are all intact... with the exception that none of it exists here in the physical reality.

So many projects have been conjured up in this manner that I cannot fully recount them all. So great has been my participation within the mind construct that entire volumes of work have been made there, with absolutely nothing real to show for any of it.

For so long I have lived this life from within the confines of my imaginary and private world. This has gone to such an extent that I now find myself lacking in terms of practically supporting myself to live.

The work must be done HERE, in the REAL, in the PHYSICAL. Otherwise it only exists as a thought. And a thought that does not manifest may as well have never even existed.

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