Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Resistance and Spitefulness

A fascinating topic has arisen from the Desteni Forum.

The concept of "spitefulness" is indeed an important and vastly intricate one, and it's implications are quite unsettling when one honestly investigates the spiteful nature within us.

While investigating this within myself, i can no longer deny the dishonesty and self interest inherent within spitefulness.

I spite others as well as myself constantly. I can see and comprehend that there is massive inequality in the expression and quality of life on this planet, and yet I will not do anything of value or impact to change it because I only want things done "my way". And if people do not see the "value" of my way, then I will not support them. In fact, I will place myself in such a way as to actually impede and stop them, which leads them to spite me in return.

Through this spiteful nature of myself, I actually abuse the concept of "free will". By stating that i have an intrinsic right to express my "free will", i have express permission to conduct myself in self interest and dishonesty in the pursuit of my personal goals and desires at the expense of everyone else because by right of "free will", it was my "choice" to do so, and so it was the "free will" and "choice" of others to be expended so that i can achieve my goals.

In spitefulness, i am willing and able to crush anything and anyone that dare impose their own "free will" or stand against my own agendas instead of considering what is best for all equally and conducting myself within common sense.

In spitefulness, no common sense can honestly exist.

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