Monday, January 12, 2009

Its going to be a bumpy ride.

It has been a difficult pill to swallow, to say the least. Discovering this process of uncovering who I really am and what I have accepted myself to be and become up to this point has been harrowing. How long have I been sleepwalking on this earth, living out what appeared to be my "normal life", thinking that this personality of "Joe Kou" is the totality of all that I am?

How many people still carry on about their business, attending to the affairs of their day, blissfully unaware of the blindness in which they exist?

How can it be that we are so conditioned and so utterly transfixed by our programming that the truth of ourselves is so very evident, yet is blatantly ignored? How has it come to pass that we worship and value the imaginary things within our minds to such an extent that we cause irreparable harm and inflict intolerable suffering upon what is REAL, all in the effort to justify to ourselves the validity of opinions, beliefs, and imaginings which hold no physical weight and exists purely within the confines of our own selfish and private minds?

In exchange for making our beliefs reality, we have compromised LIFE. We have substituted our fears and anxieties in the place of true awareness. We have forgone common sense in favor of justified reasoning. We have traded what is REAL for what is fiction, and have not considered the terrible cost it has rendered.

Though all things come full circle. Again and again, we will have to face the consequences we have sown. Again and again we will have to face the same tyranny and suffering until the cycle is broken once and for all. Again and again we will be tested and called upon to prove to ourselves that we have indeed changed... that we have indeed learned... that we have indeed awakened.

It is not enough that we say we can do better. It is not enough that we understand the errors of our ways. It is not enough that we admit the horrors of what we have allowed and become. None of that would change what is HERE or what is REAL. So we will face the hell we have created, one and equal... and we will have to walk through it, as it is already HERE. And on we must walk until we are sure... until we have actually and manifestly proven that we will abuse ourselves no more.

Until then, we have much to answer for. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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  1. Hi, was just considering what writing blog is about and looking at. i hv practiced writing on my note pad but always get stucked on nothing to write anymore and idle.

    i don't know if it's right but i am too practicing of just let the flow of myself out(and it tends to be like there is nothing to flow out, stucked). and yes, i too concentrated on (want to)writing something 'meaningful' more than how the 'flow' of myself.

    and btw, i have watched your tree of life interview(would like to have mine someday for assistance).

    Thanks. FredC here.