Friday, October 10, 2008

Inaction and Regret

The situation in terms of the political and economic status of America seems dubious at the moment.

We are now facing a worldwide economic crisis and the Federal Reserve and the central banks are trying to be our "saviors" while attempting to cover up the fact that it was them who engineered this crisis to begin with.

Martial law is becoming more and more of a mainstream topic. People are no longer as surprised at the notion of America possibly becoming a police state.

I am left to ponder whether or not I should effort to warn people or share my perspective of what is going to be occurring very very soon.

In reflection of this, I see that I cannot save anyone. I cannot stop what is coming. I cannot undo what has been accepted and allowed by myself and the rest of humanity. And even if I could, I would not choose to.

What will be occurring is nothing short of us coming face to face with the consequences of our own inner natures. What we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist within and as, will be made very clear to us... and it will NOT be pleasant.

However, I find that I am not comfortable with the notion of simply sitting back and waiting for this meltdown to occur as though this is "what THEY deserve". I personally am just as responsible for this mess as anyone else. Does this not imply then that I personally have an equal share of the duty to clean the mess up?

So, I find that it is not to become a hero or champion and waking people up. Because doing so would only prove that the people were not able to do it for themselves and needed a "savior". No... it is to roll up my sleeves and get to work WITH and AS the people. Not as a leader, but as an equal.

We're all on the same boat, and the suffocating waters of regret and inaction do not discriminate between those who are aware of what is going on and those who are not.

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