Friday, September 19, 2008

Sinking the Friend-SHIP so I can swim free.


Friends, and what they currently represent to me... is the manifestation of people agreeing to lie about themselves to one another, in a sort of game where the rule seems to be "I will accept the person you project yourself to be if you accept the person I project myself to be, and when we are interacting with each other we can keep lying to ourselves and to each other because we have this agreement".

Be honest... you know it's true. The person that you conduct yourself as around certain friends or even certain members of your family is NOT the real you.

A friend-"ship" is doomed to sink into the ocean of expectations and false fronts upon which the vessel is borne, unless one decides to bear with the sinking ship because "that's what friends do". In which case, both have trapped themselves and each other to the murky fate below, resigning forever their true selves to remain submerged beneath this friend-"ship", never to breathe the free air again... all in the cause of keeping this friend-"ship" afloat.

So really, what's the point?

Perhaps the fear of being the "outcast" or the fear of being socially awkward or even the fear of being thought of as having something "wrong" with you for not having "friends".

However, something is to be said for agreements between people that are truly supportive for unconditional self expression as who and what you really are. In this context it is not a "friendship"... but a simple agreement without any boundaries or rules except that you ONLY accept the truth of who you are, and the truth of who the other person(s) may be, and nothing less.

I'm for open agreements to express and support true self expression without fear or reprisal. I am NOT for friendships... or for that matter any kind of relationship which implies that self dishonesty and deception can exist between the persons involved.

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