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How was I able to hear the desteni message?

How was I able to hear the desteni message?
Joe Kou

I was able to hear the desteni message because the more I investigated and actually began to apply the common sense realizations shared by those who have been walking this process of self honesty and standing as what is best for all, the more I began to see for myself the extent of separation I have allowed myself to exist as, and the more I asked questions and participated in the discussions that were busy unfolding on the forums and as I watched the many videos and listened to the interviews, the realization became more and more clear – that these people actually know what they are talking about, and they are sharing a message that is vital for all of us to hear – the actual, practical, nitty gritty of how we got to the state that we currently exist in where we live our lives believing our thoughts and feelings to be real and never in fact actually being alive or even being aware of what life actually is.

The desteni message is not one of hope or airy-fairy magical solutions for a wold that is obviously headed toward assured destruction. The desteni message will not make you feel better about yourself or promise to make you wealthy. The desteni message will not give you peace of mind or assist you to find your perfect soul mate with whom you will live in bliss and love – because all of these things are the very illusions that we as humanity have sold ourselves to for generation after generation, keeping ourselves willfully blind to the actual world and the untold suffering that our lack of consideration and common sense has wrought.

I was able to hear the desteni message because for the first time I began to see people who actually cared – people who actually began to call it like it is – that this world is completely unacceptable and that we ourselves are responsible for it. For the first time, I began to hear people speak with an honesty that resonated so deeply that I was no longer able to hold onto my private and personal bubble of pretending that the world is just fine and that eventually I will be able to become wealthy and famous and have the life that I always thought I wanted. I was hearing self-honesty. I was hearing words spoken by beings who were not trying to put up a front or try to be liked – I was hearing words that were actually REAL – words that come directly from actual realization that has been lived and cross referenced. And these words were so different from anything else that I had heard – these words spoke of a world that I could see directly – a world that in fact did not match the empty promises and the picturesque scenes painted by religion or spirituality that had been sold and accepted as the “truth” for so long.

In the beginning it was rather painful and shocking – the extent to which I had isolated myself into my own mind and how much of this actual, physical world I had ignored and taken for granted – and the innumerable beings who exist upon this planet that I had not ever taken into consideration. Yet after the initial shock began to wear off I was able to unconditionally explore and see what the desteni message was about – because it was more than just a message – it was more than just a 'realization' or 'perspective' – because in hearing the message and actually understanding and becoming aware of what is being shared, one realizes that just 'hearing' the message is not enough – that we must do something about what we have done because we are the only ones who can.

As I continued participating and asking questions and applying myself within my own process to assist and support me to question this reality and develop a point of self-honesty and common sense, I was able to see that it is not all about 'doom and gloom' – that it is not just about showing us that we are destroying ourselves and our world and creating a hell on earth – because within hearing the message and realizing what is in fact going on, is also the very SOLUTION – is also the very point of correction that will allow us to not only take responsibility for ourselves, but also to radically change the way in which we create this reality – a radical new beginning that will allow us to, for the very first time in all existence, actually create a world that will be a heaven on earth.

For the first time ever, I began to see this world not only as being 'doomed' and 'fucked' beyond any sense of hope for a better future – I began to see that all that is here – all that is occurring in our world and in our lives – is showing us that we are in fact creators of this reality, and as we take back our responsibility for ourselves and restore our own point of self-creation, realizing that we are NOT slaves to our minds, to our fears, to our self-accepted beliefs, and that we are able to radically change ourselves through a process of self-honesty and self-change, it is not only possible, but inevitable, that this world and this reality come to the same realization – that we do not have to continue this hell on earth and that we can in fact bring heaven here.

For so long we have been 'lost' within our minds – lost to the fear and anxiety we all experience within a world in which we cannot trust each other – a world in which we abdicate ourselves and do not dare to stand up for what is best for all and instead become spiteful and manipulative in order to play the game of survival. For so long we accepted this as just 'the way it is' without understanding how exactly our minds work and how exactly we have created every single thing that is here, or seeing any kind of solution that would actually stand the test of time and not just end up as another empty promise.

But now, we have a real shot – a once in an existence shot – to forever change what is here so that we create a world that is at all times based on the principle of what is best for all – a world that will no longer reflect the self destruction and the pain we have carried inside ourselves – as we, one by one, realize the lies and illusions that have been placed before us and begin to see through the veils, one by one we will hear the desteni message as so many already are – and one by one we will seek and find the actual solution for this world, for this reality, for this existence.

Now, I walk a process in which I am taking myself back and restoring again my own point of self-creation – now I walk a process to undo the harm and pain I have caused myself and others and allowed within this world. I have heard the desteni message and it is one that cannot be unheard. This will be the most difficult thing I have ever done – the point of actually facing myself and all of my demons – and within this process I will undoubtedly face challenges and hardships – but I will also stand up – I will also, step by step, breath by breath, sort out the mess in me and in so doing sort out the mess in my world and in my relationships... and I will do this while walking with others who have also heard the desteni message.

So if you are new to desteni – if you have reservations or fears or doubts – or if you had heard the message but have not fully allowed yourself to make the commitment of walking this process, I suggest you not hesitate and do not let the fears and limitations of the mind hold you back from being able to stand up and reclaim your point of self-creation and self-expression – to stand up as the life that you have always been and walk with those who dare to stop the abuse within ourselves and within our world. 

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