Friday, March 25, 2011

Simplicity, Working with the Physical, and Learning the Language of HERE

I have taken on a new task at my work where each week, I work two shifts as part of the 'freight team', which is responsible for unloading trucks of merchandise, processing the merchandise, and getting the merchandise out onto the sales floor in the right departments before a certain time and is a very physical job of moving things around constantly - which as been quite cool in terms of me seeing who i am within working with the physical - whereas my jobs have been very much customer service based, where i am dealing with people and interactions between customers and employees and not as much physical participation in terms of utilizing my actual physical body.

Within doing a very physically oriented job I am seeing the practicality of working with what is here - physically interacting with my reality and getting things done - not having any 'time' to be in my mind, in thoughts, in alternate realities - and it is cool to observe myself when i do go off on a trip in my mind instead of being aware of what I am doing - and simply bringing myself back here, breathing, and continuing with participating with the tasks that must be done. So in seeing that this is indeed possible, I will push myself more within this to not only experience this directness at work, but as myself - a directive point of working practically with the physical, I see I am able to integrate for myself.

I see that I have defined myself as a person who does not work well with physical activities - and this is a definition that I am now breaking down as I am moving myself and actually enjoying my freight days at work - exploring my human physical body, training myself to move with it, to remain aware of breath, and to not over-exert myself within physical work - which is quite easy to slip into when I am not here, not fully aware/participating in what is here, but rather in my mind and not paying attention to the strains of the physical body while working.

Also interesting is how I experience myself sometimes in an awkwardness physically - and realizing that I have not actually gotten to know my physical expression and have not programmed/trained myself to utilize and move this body beyond the simple things - that i have existed primarily within my mind not fully participating with what is actually here- and now I am beginning to learn - as if for the 'first time' how to move/interact/solve problems more effectively. Like learning a new 'language' - the language of the physical within practical common sense.

It is interesting seeing just how much I have separated myself from my body, from what is HERE - as the actual physical reality - to such a degree that I am able to take it for granted and wander off into my mind, and exist in my mind sometimes for days with intermittent moments of awareness - not actually seeing what I am doing - which can be said about humanity in general at this moment - being lost within our own minds and not actually seeing directly what we are doing to ourselves, to each other, to all of life.

So, I say let us all get back to the physical - work with the physical - not meaning that we should all just do manual labor jobs - but to take into consideration all of the beings on this planet that are held hostage due to the extent of us existing within our minds, believing our existence to be 'justified' when more than half the human population lives in poverty and countless animals and plants are being disregarded completely. If you were to have that insight - that moment or realization.

Let us all get HERE to the physical, participate with and as this one planet that we share, and actually get to know each other as ourselves as one as equal - as physical and unconditional expressions of life instead of existing as our 'lives' as set forth by the mind.- and we can have some real fun then. But until that materializes, we are all equally responsible for what mess we've made, and must familiarize ourselves again with the language of the physical and stop chattering away the gibberish of the mind.

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