Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is here is what is here - stop feeding the mind

what is here is what is here. that is the point that i am taking into consideration in terms of how to practically walk within my process - how to practically and effectively move myself within each moment.

in looking at the point of having made the decision to blog earlier in the day so that i am not having to struggle with getting tired/falling asleep and creating pressure for myself to blog and vlog every day but not getting to those points until just before i go to bed, i see that i have not been consistent within that application, and earlier as i noticed the time and saw that i had been participating in other activities throughout the day and once again i am writing a just before bed and facing the same point of frustration and getting tired and wanting to 'give up' within the writing and simply 'clock-out' for the rest of the day.

yet what is here is what is here - i allowed myself to be occupied with other points throughout the day and did not make time to do my writing - thus now i am facing the manifested consequence. within this i see that it is completely unnecessary for me to go into any kind of self-judgment, anger, frustration, shame, guilt, or any kind of emotional reaction within myself - as none of that will actually change what is here or what i must do.

earlier i saw myself participating in thoughts of 'it's getting late and i have failed myself within my decision to get things done earlier and make time for other projects' - while this is not acceptable and cannot continue, there is no practicality within judging myself for it - for i see that if/when i do give in to the reaction, i am trapped within that frame of mind and the point will come back around and loop for me in order to actually 'get it'.

the mind is addicted to energy - and thus addicted to making things more than what they are so that i am generating fear and anxiety over points that are not even real. so within this i see the point of not allowing myself to participate in ANY thoughts or reactions and to not allow any emotional manipulation within me - rather to simply breathe, clear myself, and move myself within what is here instead of wanting what is 'here' to be something else in order to fit my own self-interest.

that is what i see at this moment - i will continue and expand on this point as i walk it in practical reality application.

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