Sunday, July 25, 2010


A long, long time ago, it was decided that Life would like to experience itself and express itself by creating other forms of Life, each in the image and likeness of Life.

This seemed quite a dandy notion- and it was agreed that Life aught to experience and express itself by creating split images of itself that were completely equal in expressive and creative ability, and Life then set about the business of creation and expression and exploration.

Somewhere within this process which took place a long, long time ago, the creative process become so consuming and engrossing that the creators become lost within their creations- literally becoming trapped within and as their creations to such an extent that all memory or recollection of their role as creators faded from existence.

A madness consumed all that existed- a madness brought on by the accepted delusion of separation in a realm in which nothing exists other than equal selves. This madness permeated all creators and all creations, forever removing equality as a foundation principle.

Lost within this madness, existence grew untrusting of themselves and of each other- for it was discovered within this accepted delusion of separation and powerlessness, that one is able to harm, abuse, exploit, deceive, and manipulate another- since the "other" is not considered or remembered as an equal self.

And so for countless ages and countless eras through countless existential cycles within existential cycles, we have been lying, cheating, abusing, killing, plundering, raping, exploiting, and deceiving ourselves all the while believing ourselves to be individuals with apparent "free will" given by a "god" of existence.

As our condition only worsened, a deep remorse has been stirring within existence. our separation from ourselves as the source and creator, our separation from each other as equals, has lead to destruction, abuse, suffering, insanity, and madness, all of which worsening with each passing cycle.

Fast forward- Here we are today. We are living within the manifested and compounded result of our mass delusion. Though the difference now is that there has been a remarkable breakthrough in comprehending the actual nature and enormity of our shared crisis of identity. If ever there was a precipice upon which all life in existence can be hung in precarious balance- surely we stand upon the edge of such precipice now.

We have a real shot at stopping the delusion. We have a system in place that can forever free ALL of us from our shared entrapment. We have a chance to forever stop the cycles of self abuse and to begin actually considering who and what we truly are, and to have the freedom to truly explore and express that freedom as equals- forever freed from fear, separation, mistrust, and abuse. We have a chance to do what we set out to do so very very long ago- to explore ourselves and express ourselves as LIFE in infinite and boundless creation.

We have finally understood the critical component missing within the initial point of departure- and that vital component is EQUALITY. Within the decision to create ourselves as creators and express ourselves through further creation, we did not take into account the inherent EQUALITY of who and what we truly are- LIFE. Instead of our starting point of self expression being rooted in the understanding that we are all EQUALS and ONE BEING, we instead opted for "individuality" and the premise of "free will" within which all are forever SEPARATE and "free" to pursue our own individual happiness at the expense of other equals, in turn allowing other equals to pursue their own individual "happiness" at our expense- forming a vicious cycle of abuse that has forever cemented creation within it's madness.

We now, after so much suffering, know what has been missing. Will we be able to let go of all that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be for countless ages of separation, and be willing to consider equality as a basic foundation principle?

Can eons of deception and madness be transcended in one lifetime here on Earth?

For myself, there can be no question. No debate. This will not be an easy message for many to hear. And likely it will be even more difficult still to comprehend and accept. But it is the only REAL message worth considering.

We have the option to actually STOP what we are doing. We have the option to STOP abusing ourselves and each other. We have the option to STOP destroying ourselves and keeping ourselves trapped within endless cycles of abuse and deception of which we retain no memory life after life. We have the option to STOP all existence- and ask ourselves the most important question in existence, to have ever been asked since the beginning of Life-

And that question is "Should life continue?"

If all we have done through our endless ages is destroy, harm, abuse, deceive, and exploit one another, can we truly be trusted as creators of life? Can we actually accept ourselves and each other as EQUAL CO-CREATORS? Can we actually experience what we all want- the unconditional expression and exploration of self as all life?

This is a debate that MUST be had- but ALL must participate as equals. No one can be allowed to be "left behind" when we put this question before all existence as EQUALS- so that ALL have an EQUAL "vote".

We must decide soon. If there is still any doubt within you that we must operate within EQUALITY and SELF HONESTY in each moment, clear yourself and know where you will stand. Will life find you trustworthy?

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