Saturday, January 23, 2010

I want YOU for Project K-9!!

I would like all of you to contribute wherever you can for "Project K-9" (working title)

This project is about gathering information, research, personal stories, and FACTUAL data regarding our current money system and it's foreseeable future, as well as warning signs of potential danger. This project is also about exposing the damage caused by our current pricing system, the obscuration of the REAL cost of our lifestyles, and what must be done so that we can avoid crossing over the line of no return within a total collapse of the human societal system.

I am looking for PERSONAL stories, FACTUAL data that can be sourced/documented, well thought out editorials/opinions/solutions, any relevant research, video/audio files related.

At this stage in the project I am only taking information, research, and submissions to flesh out the project.

Your submissions will be considered for use in the making of a documentary film project or book project related to the promotion an equal money system and dedicated to bringing awareness to the failures of our current system. Materials may also be used in alternative media such as animation, blogs, networking sites, etc for further promotion of the topics.

These submissions will be "at will" and I am not able to pay those who contribute.

Here's how to participate in this project-

Below is a program breakdown separated into chapters. If you would like to contribute anything towards a topic covered in a chapter, please send any relevant materials to and PLEASE PLACE "Project K-9" and the relevant chapter(s) into your subject heading. If you would like to be credited for your submission or remain anonymous you can let me know.

If you would like to help me with this project in other ways, contact me at or with "I can help project K-9" as your subject heading.


"The Money Revolution: An Idea Who's Time Has Come" (this is just a sample title)
A quick little introduction to illustrate that the entire world currently runs on the money system, and that the money system is collapsing and cannot

support life equally.

CHAPTER ONE- "What Is Money", "Money As We Know It"
Deliver some perspective regarding the history of money and what it has become today.

A. How does money really work?
B. Money as debt
C. The people who ruined the economy want to be your saviors.
D. The banks are not for your protection. (Fractional Reserve Banking, Compound Interest/Debt, Promissory Notes as legal consideration)

CHAPTER TWO- "The True Cost Of Money"
Discuss how the current system affects all people, and expose the abuse and suffering. Illustrate the TRUE cost of the money system and how we ALL must pay

for it.

A. The built-in flaws of the Money System
B. Inequality
C. An unsustainable system
D. Abuse and Suffering
E. Debt/Wage Slavery
F. The inevitable future/present of collapse
G. "Infinite Growth" in a finite resource world.

CHAPTER THREE- "Oneness or Equality vs. Oneness AND Equality"
Discuss how for ages in our human history we have repeatedly attempted to "fix" our systems, but have never truly considered the principle of oneness AND

equality. there have been many who have shown that we are ONE, be it through religion, spirituality, psychology, social movements, etc... and many have

attempted to bring EQUALITY through systems such as communism, "anarchy", etc... but rarely do we consider BOTH together, in COMMON SENSE for ALL.

A. The practical and very REAL applications of Oneness and Equality
B. Common sense is COMMON... it belongs to the commons and not to any figure of authority.
C. When we allow suffering or abuse to exist in the world, we allow it in ourselves, and vice versa
D. All enter the world equally naked, vulnerable, and innocent.
E. The cost of self interest is too high a cost.
F. None are free until all are free.

CHAPTER FOUR- "An Idea Who's Time Has Come"
The proposed solution of bringing awareness of the principle of oneness and equality in common sense, to consider ALL life one AND equal. The Money

Revolution is the first step.

A. The Concept of the Money Revolution
B. What would change?
C. What kind of world would we be able to have? Could we have it with the current system?
D. Equilibrium. This will not happen overnight... but will NEVER happen in the current system. Dare to do the impossible- because we are the only ones who can and MUST.
E. How would it work? Can equal money really work?
F. Examples of life in the equal money system
G. Socialism? Communism? Darwinism? Capitolism? Breaking down the differnces and similarities specifically and learning the REAL history of those systems in order to build on what WORKED and avoid what FAILED.
CHAPTER FIVE- "Unanswered Questions"
Here we discuss obstacles and issues that need to be looked at within implementing the equal money system. Here we will frankly and honestly analyze criticisms or objections, and clarify our positions.

For more information on the "equal money system" check out -
Search for "desteni productions" and "equal money" on youtube.

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