Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The point of HERE

For clarity I have to preface the point that I do not subscribe to the belief in an almighty "God".

Though as I was contemplating the significance of this, our commonly shared physical reality there was a realization that though I will not claim the existence of a God, I cannot deny that there is a simplistic and very natural "awareness" that is evident all around me.

This "awareness" of which I speak is not some personality or deity. It is not a metaphysical structure upon which is bestowed cosmic influence. I am speaking of a very simple principle of "LIFE" and the natural equilibrium it brings.

Any informed and self honest person can see that human beings are currently busy with our assured self destruction, as we have been for a very long time. We humans have for centuries attempted to make REAL the ideas, beliefs, and opinions that inhabit our minds... at the cost of countless lives and resources... though most importantly at the cost of what is ALREADY here, and is ALREADY very much REAL.

It would seem that common sense was not good enough to appease our self interest to become better than others, to have more than others. It would seem that common sense did not allay our irrational fears and superstitions. It was blind faith indeed that has rendered so many of us sightless for so long before the otherwise undeniable reality laid so plainly before us. And it was this kind of faith... these "secret" worlds of gods and demons, righteousness and profanity, good and evil, all constructed entirely within our minds, which we played across our mind's eye, that has kept so many from seeing in clarity the consequences of what our private ideologies have rendered.

Innumerable lives have been lost to campaigns of ideology clashing against each other, neither side seeing the toll of blood and suffering. Innumerable offenses have been committed under the most supposedly sanctified names and causes such as "God" or "Liberty" while ignoring altogether the profanity and hypocrisy born of such labors.

We have forsaken altogether what is before us... what has always been here. We have turned our sight away from reality in favor delusions of our own design, and have traitorously turned our backs to the one and only thing we all have in absolute common- LIFE, in all it's forms as they exist unconditionally here in the physical realm.

And what is now growing more evident by the day to me is that LIFE cannot be denied, despite how deeply we have entrenched ourselves into our vested beliefs and opinions. LIFE cannot be ignored. And it will not stand the inequality and abuse that has been carried out in it's name. We have for a very long time now not been alive as the animals and plants have been alive here in the physical... we have been alive only in the sense of ego, personality, opinion, religion, and self interest. We have, in accepting our opinions and self interest as being more important than common sense and supporting LIFE, given permission for LIFE to stop supporting us.

This fatal error and lapse of common sense on our part is quickly manifesting it's due consequences. Life will take no more self interest, as life is not self interest. LIFE will not accept faith as a justification for our actions, for LIFE is not a faith. LIFE will not care about our opinions, as LIFE is not an opinion.

There is much that we are missing. There is so much more to what is HERE than what we so covet within the context of our minds. There is a true potential here that has not been considered.

This planet. This physical reality. What it can offer is unimaginable. We have a working system in which two entirely different human beings can both look at the same large rock here on earth, and both will perceive the exact same physical qualities and feel the same physical textures, and both would very easily come to agreement that "Yes, this is indeed HERE, and is indeed a large rock."

It would not matter if one of these humans believed in God and the other did not. It would not matter if one of these humans was wealthy and the other was destitute. It would not matter if one of these humans lived in a democracy and the other in a dictatorship. It would not matter if one human was a murderer who has slaughtered thousands in cold blood and the other has lived a life of charity and personal sacrifice. Both cannot honestly deny what is HERE. And still the same would be true of hundreds of millions of humans each looking at and touching that same large rock. The implications of this should be immense.

Consider what would happen if two beings decide to examine something not inherently HERE, and is instead something constructed within the mind? Suppose that two beings come into a discussion on what is "evil". Suddenly all that is already existing here becomes disregarded... and what quickly ensues is a confrontation of opinions and ideas between two minds, each grappling with principles that cannot be resolved commonly and absolutely HERE within the context of what exists. This becomes a war fought upon imaginary grounds, yet bears a very REAL cost... in that eventually these mental skirmishes become REAL skirmishes played out by REAL lives, using REAL resources.

And again, the same is true of confrontations between millions of people. None able to truly resolve their dispute, and none willing to return to common sense and and work with what is indeed already here and cannot be refuted except by the willfully dishonest.

For too long humanity has waged war not only against himself, but against common sense. In the pursuit of vanquishing our created enemies, we have plundered the earth, poisoned it's air, polluted it's waters, and committed innumerable offenses against the natural equilibrium of our shared environment. In the quest of attaining unreasonably higher standards of living to appease our self interest, we have accepted the starvation, exploitation, abject suffering, and murder of others whom we have deemed unworthy of even the most basic of comforts we insist upon having for ourselves. In the endeavor to make real our personal fantasies of power, wealth, beauty, and guiltless self indulgence, we have blinded ourselves from the real world.

Yet... there is an equilibrium built in to all of us. There is a central point of correction that none are able to ever surpass even with the advent of technology and medicine. Each of us will answer to death. Life cannot be ignored forever. Life cannot and will not sustain inequality and abuse. What is here is indeed aware, and will self correct. And when this happens it is not because of vengeance or animosity. It is consequence.

Remove all humans from the planet and our corrupting systems and willful abuse will end. Thus it is not LIFE that is the cause of our plight. It is, and has always been, us. And it is us who must now face the consequences and decide whether we wish to participate equally with LIFE as it exists here, or continue to delve ever deeper into our false realities and eventually cut ourselves off from LIFE altogether.

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