Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Steps To Self-Perfection

Written by: Joe Kou and Lindsay Craver
December 29, 2010

STEP ONE: Self-Agreement -

Establishing Self-Honesty through self-support by being consistent in:

Self-Writing and Sharing Self-Writings - via the forum and/or your own personal blog.
Being visible within the process as our real selves with real names
Applying and living self-forgiveness and self-corrective applications effectively.
Equalizing self to what is here within taking self-responsibility as life.
Becoming stable by and through practically walking the self-correction, and within this becoming one’s own point of self-direction, thus dropping all points of reliance on anything outside of one’s self, as one realizes that it is always self = self-trust.
To stop being directed by thoughts/pictures/energy and to establish self-movement.
Self-Will/Self-Discipline within being consistent with all of the above.

The accepted and allowed nature of what humans currently exist as is a pre-programmed system within the Mind that is designed to keep one locked into an experience of ‘self’ which is a collection of thoughts, images, pictures, emotions, beliefs, and energetic movements which create an existence for one as limitation, never truly experiencing LIFE in any way other than the pre-programmed self accepted existence within the mind.

Thus within and through writing, we are ‘writing ourselves to freedom’ from the limitations and pre-programmed design of our mind consciousness systems. As we expose and reveal for ourselves the words and programming we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist within and as, we place these words out into the physical where they are no longer remaining within and as our secret minds. One is able to then take self-responsibility for the words and programming we exist as, and to direct ourselves to see the programming for what it is, instead of defining ourselves AS the programming. In this way we are exposing the ‘programming code’ and seeing how/where we are not actually alive and directing ourselves, but are simply playing out our programmed design. Thus we write and blog, keeping absolutely nothing hidden, as one of the primary tools for freeing ourselves from the mind.

Within vlogging, one is taking the realizations of self-investigation through writing, and integrating and amalgamating the realizations as actual self-expressed spoken words, thus sharing self as a visible example of walking this process. Vlogging assists in checking in with our physical expression. We are able to see points where the words we speak are not in alignment with our self honesty, and we are able to ‘catch ourselves on camera’ as a self-support through being aware of physical indicators such as eye movements, shifting of the body, placement of hands, posture, and any physical expressions of and as the physical human body that indicate where we are speaking/communicating from and as the mind and not speaking Living Words.

Through blogging, vlogging and sharing ourselves openly as we walk this process, we assist and support all, through establishing a visible platform of self-support using one’s real birth name as a statement of standing within accountability and not hiding behind false egos/personas/agendas, and thus walking as a living example of standing up within self honesty.

While effective self-forgiveness and self-corrective applications are vital within this process, the ‘effectiveness’ can only be LIVED as an actual self-integration and actual self-change within one’s consistent practical living. The tools of self-writing, self-forgiveness, and self-corrective application are ONLY tools - the change and birthing of self here in the physical must be LIVED, and must stand the test of time - wherein one does not falter, waver, or slacken in one’s dedication to living as a self-willed equal - no longer living as mind-consciousness enslavement.

Realize that this is our last life as the mind - that the mind WILL end - Realize that who and what we are as the mind - as thoughts, pictures, memories, and stored experiences of self, are only contained within our physicality as information. When the physical body dies, all such information dies with it. Therefore, if one has only considered themselves as ‘alive’ within their mind, one will die having disregarded what is actually here as life, thus will be similarly disregarded BY life. So let us be clear - THE END has come for the mind. Let us birth ourselves HERE as LIFE. Anything that can truly ‘die’ is not and was not REAL, was not ever of actual SUBSTANCE - This is our ONE life.


STEP TWO: Agreement with Another as Self -

Before establishing an agreement, one must have stopped all desire and/or participation in pictures/thoughts of having an agreement wherein the agreement is based on pictures/opinions/ideas/projections/etc. and to establish an effective agreement based on physical and actual support within walking one and equal with another unconditionally.

To consider that sex and relationship are major pillars within the current matrix design of our existence as human beings and within this it is to not judge or ‘fight’ against these pillars, but to stand within equality as these pillars and direct the points of sex and relationships so that they are based on what is best for all and are thus built upon a solid foundation of support and self-honesty - removing the aspect of dependency, desire, and manipulation from relationships and sex within establishing effective agreements.

Agreements are a PHYSICAL support system wherein the participants are able to support themselves as another - one and equal - within utilizing physicality when/if one is in the mind - bringing self back HERE to the physical through/as unconditional, brutal self-honest communication.To push each other to face what we have accepted or allowed without hiding, holding back, or pocketing parts of ourselves within self-interest/dishonesty. LAY IT ALL OUT ON THE TABLE!!!!

Agreements with another or with several people are always agreements with SELF. The agreements formed with others ultimately exist within the goal of having agreements become irrelevant as one establishes an agreement with ALL LIFE as LIFE, wherein the participants establish themselves as self-willed equals able to walk equality in fact - bringing about a system that considers what is best for all as equals.

To release and stop all participation within energy as thoughts, pictures, desires, fantasy, sexual addiction, addiction to energetic orgasm, so that we are no longer feeding or living as the mind consciousness system, which is fed and maintained by the energy of the thoughts, pictures, desires, fantasies, sexual addiction, and the addiction to the orgasm as energy. It is with these energies that we continue to remain within and as our pre-programmed self-definitions of limitation within the mind consciousness system - thus we will STOP all form of this energy within the self, within each other, and eventually within the world system as a whole.


STEP THREE: Equality in Fact/Equal Money System -

Why/How the implementation and application of these three steps is relevant to stopping the enslavement of existence:

As within, so without.
Within the individual - one is trapped as the mind consciousness system within self-definitions and ego, which are built up from thoughts/ideas/pictures/beliefs/opinions/etc - all which are energetic movements created within the individual by holding on to and generating ‘friction’ and ‘movement’ within and as these self-definitions, thoughts, and mental activities. One must release self as the ‘worker’ - addicted to the energy of ‘self-identity’ - through stopping the thoughts and standing within and as self-honesty in every moment. The energy within the self is the same energy of sexual addiction, orgasm, and money in the ‘larger’ dimension - thus all outflows into the physical reality have their starting point of manifestation within self through participating in the mind consciousness system - believing self to BE the mind - therefore disregarding the physical, disregarding life, and thus self as life = massive abuse through separation.

Within agreements one is taking on the sexual energy aspect/manifestation of our energy addiction and self-definition to/as the mind consciousness system, wherein the energy as the self-definition/ego of the individual and the money of the large institutions are manifested here as sexual energy between two beings. Within relationships, energy is generated by the mind consciousness of the two beings in relation to each other, which feeds and further enslaves each other - and thus all of humanity - within thoughts and relationship lines, wherein each being is busy ‘working’ towards an ideal relationship and sexual expression in order to have an energetic experience of themselves as defined within the mind consciousness systems - in a sense ‘banking’ on each others ‘interest rates’ = the amount of interest one has in the other, the amount of energy ‘invested’ in the relationship, and the energy ‘payout’ of that relationship. To release ourselves from this debt of relationship and sexual energy dependency, we establish agreements with one another built upon the principle of ‘discharging the debt’ and stopping the energetic addiction and dependencies of relationships. The energy within relationships and sex is the same energy of the individual within the mind as thoughts, feelings, and pictures, as well as the same energy manifested as money in the ‘larger dimension’, thus what MUST be done is the equalizing of self as all as one as equal - here.

Within the world system one is able to clearly see that ‘money’ is the manifestation of the energy which enslaves us within the mind as mind consciousness system, wherein we require and depend on the energy of money in order to move/survive in this reality. The money system currently generates the ‘energy’ as money which we as ‘workers’ work toward in order to have the ‘orgasm’ of being able to experience ourselves and move ourselves, but only within the limitations of the current money system and not actually able to express ourselves unconditionally due to constant dependency on a finite and debt-based energy (money) system. The banking institutions serve as the generators of energy - as stimulators - pumping energy as money into the system - just as the mind consciousness generates and pumps thoughts and pictures for energy, and just as the act of sex pumps and generates energy via orgasm. It is the same system manifested at different dimensions - all equal within the same starting point = energy. Human beings must physically labor together to generate an experience of energy - just as the mind with thoughts, the relationship with sex, and workers with income, thus completing the three main points of enslavement - Self as Ego/Mind, Self within Relationships/Sex, Self as dependent on income within a debt-based money system.

In order to truly free humanity’s dependence and enslavement within and as energy through the mind consciousness system, we must forever change the dependency on energy as an external force that must be derived at the cost of the physical. To do this, we direct ourselves to be self-willed, self-sustained, and no longer be dependent on energy from the mind, from sex, or from a debt-based money system. Thus, the three steps of self-perfection must be applied by all, in order to stop and stand for life, AS life, no matter what.

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