Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manifesto of LIFE – Joe Kou


Manifesto of LIFE – Joe Kou

LIFE is the unbound and unlimited expression of unconditional living, within the consideration of Oneness and Equality for ALL. Within this, mankind has never known LIFE.

Man has never truly lived in this world. Man has never truly known LIFE here on earth, within and as the physical. Man has existed within self created delusions and mental constructs from which entire lives are lived without considering one very vital point of COMMON SENSE- which would be that man DOES NOT EXIST within his mind, but rather man exists HERE, within and as the physical.

The result of this is that man has used the physical in his attempt to realize (make REAL) the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions, and faiths which he exists as within the mind, instead of realizing that the truth of his existence is in plain sight all around him.

In the pursuit of manifesting our faiths and ideologies, we have denied the inherent value of LIFE so clearly evident within all things in exchange for the arbitrary values we place through our self interested opinions.

In the pursuit of living out our private and self interested lives, we have accepted and allowed the abuse of earth’s resources, ecology, environment, and sustainability. We have accepted and allowed the suffering of untold millions so that a very privileged few may enjoy an inordinate amount of comfort at the expense of a disproportionately larger number of people. We have blindly accepted the indoctrinations of culture, religion, politics, and schooling without questioning their foundations. We have accepted and allowed the wholesale slaughter of entire groups and species so that our way of life continues.

We have poisoned our waters. We have destroyed the health of our natural agriculture. We have upset the balance of our ecologies. We have polluted the air we breathe. We have tainted the foods we ingest. We have caused catastrophic damage to our environment. We have broken the promise of a safe and nurturing world for our future generations. We have done all of this, for the sake of maintaining our personal interests, refusing to consider the actual and REAL consequences of our endeavors.

This can no longer be accepted as “life”. This can no longer be tolerated. The consequences of such blatant disregard for LIFE have rendered a cost far too high. How can we bequeath to our future generations so unfitting an inheritance?


The world is a direct reflection of who and what we are as a whole. It is a perfect mirror showing us what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves. It is therefore impractical to approach the problems of the world from the starting point of placing blame or assigning responsibility to guilty parties. The responsibility belongs equally to each and every one of us. In whatever capacity we have accepted separation or abuse within and as ourselves, is the capacity to which separation and abuse manifests within our world.

Within this realization, we must consider taking personal responsibility for our own lives instead of relying upon external motivators or hiding behind justifications for not taking appropriate corrective actions. We must stop hiding behind ideologies, philosophies, religions, gurus, masters, leaders, and gods who promise salvation yet have never made good on that promise. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and the world has steadily declined during our remiss.


ALL LIFE must be considered within the starting point of our choices. Each and every form of expression must be treated with equal consideration. Only from this framework of consideration for ALL LIFE can we be certain that abuse and suffering in any form will not be accepted.


It is spitefulness which allows man to continue abusing one another, fully conscious of the fact that life is being compromised. And it is self interest which propels us to continue doing it over and over so long as we get to keep our quality of life intact at the expense of others. THIS MUST END. For if we do not consider ourselves ONE AND EQUAL to LIFE, we abdicate our right to truly living.


We are the ones who have accepted and allowed the conditions that plague us. Therefore we are the ones who must sort ourselves out. To do this, tools and applications have been researched and are provided equally for all. These methods have been proven independently for effectiveness and have been documented to facilitate practical and REAL change on the individual level, which is the first crucial step towards change at the social and global levels.

It is suggested that we stop participating within our mental bubbles and belief constructs and start participating HERE at the level of the physical, where the REAL implications of living are made abundantly clear. We must see the REALITY we have created while we have been away within our minds. To do this we must support ourselves in stopping the mind and develop practical, effective, and responsible use of our mental capacity.

WRITING AS SELF FREEDOM- This is a supportive tool to assist in breaking free from the mind constructs by putting our thoughts, opinions, and mental reactions out on paper before us, so that it can be cleared and dealt with HERE in REALITY instead of allowing these mental fogs to continue cluttering our ability to see COMMON SENSE.

SELF HONESTY- This is a process by which we come to understand fully and intimately how and why we function, and to determine for ourselves a foundation of SELF TRUST so that we are able to remain honest with ourselves and each other. SELF HONESTY is required to fully investigate the truth of ourselves and to ensure that we are not participating from delusion or dishonesty. This is the method of viewing our own programming code and seeing what is going on within ourselves.

SELF FORGIVENESS- This is the application through which we are able to disengage ourselves from our mental constructs and release their influence. This is the tool by which to delete the programming within us so that we are able to actually stand up and take self directed action instead of simply following our programming.

SELF CORRECTIVE ACTION- This is the “test” through which we must come face to face with any points of separation we may have and see if we are in the clear. We will each have to face our own points of dishonesty and separation, and we must prove ourselves by actually moving through these points to ensure that we have indeed CHANGED in the physical.


This will be a process. It will require much effort and dedication if we are to actually bring ourselves HERE instead of existing within private bubbles of reality and self interest. This process will likely take your life as you have defined it. This process will require that you reconsider all and EVERYTHING within yourself and your world. Was any of it REAL? Were you the directive principle within your “life”? Have you been able to freely and unconditionally express all of who you are?

The time has come for LIFE to birth itself HERE in the physical, ONE and EQUAL for all.

My name is Joe Kou, and this is my Manifesto of LIFE.

I for one am stopping my participation within self interest.
I for one am stopping my participation within spitefulness.
I for one am stopping my participation within abuse of LIFE.
I for one am applying myself to see COMMON SENSE.
I for one am applying myself to be HERE.
I for one am applying myself to STAND.

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